[MP2] Music Park

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/klzjjdoeseq67p6/Music_Park.json
There's so much Mario Kart tracks here, but no one really tried to experiment the "One way to the star" which would really fits for an Mario Kart track imo.  :p
But I tried it with Mario Party 2 (I feel like it fits the best since there's only one item slot like in Mario Kart) and I present to you.. Music Park!
Bascially, at the end, you have to pick the right junctions to go to the blue space who has the star. So there's 7 blue spaces at the finish line and you just have to go to the right one!  :D
I tried to put as much pathways as I could so it's also strategic!!  :-D
I'll rework on it later since the spaces misalign with the board. Also, the music sadly doesn't loop  :-\