[MP2] Christmas Land

This board is a Christmas Themed board, I'm not the best artist so it doesn't look the best, this board mainly consists of Item mini game spaces, with sporadic Blue and Red Spaces, and some Decorative Star Spaces near the top of the Christmas tree, The Proximity of Star Locations to one an other means that the game will become rather one sided a majority of the time, but other than that, and the abundance of Item Games if Computers or People use a lot of Items, I think it plays pretty well after a few rounds of Play-Testing.

Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tjrsGLroGOaa_3nSVyu0c9zCumFw6s7y/view?usp=sharing


Layout of the Board


Luigi on the Wario Ornament (Color Reduced due to upload location)