[MP1/MP2/MP3] Block Party boards

Anybody played Nickelodeon's version of Mario Party called Block Party? Well, here I tried to adapt the boards into Mario Party! Tell me your opinions on those boards and I'll probably remake them with your feedback! The biggest differences with traditional Mario Party is they are no passing events. Item shops are spaces and junctions are decided on spaces so if there's unconventional path splits, it's normal! The boards as also smaller than your traditionnal Mario Party boards since the dice in Block Party goes up to 6! It makes getting a star easier and makes every match more tense which is great imo!
Every board has some differences:
- Bikini Bottom has the solo minigames, rerolls and events for happenings like the original Block Party. But you obviously cannot get items. Also, there's a good bunch of Chance Times so be careful!
- T.U.F.F. Headquarters is the closer to the traditional Block Party and the AI is acting pretty smart in it! ? spaces on blue spaces triggers an item shop like the original Block Party.
- Central Park Zoo has only two item shops due to limitations and ? events are less varied but at least, there's some sort of quiz like the original Block Party and I added a skeleton gate as a bonus to make the board more interesting! It is the least like a Block Party board however.
Here are the pictures of the boards + download links:
MP1: Bikini Bottom

MP2: T.U.F.F. Headquarters

MP3: Central Park Zoo

Have fun!!