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I'm sorry for the double post, but here are July 22-23 moves:HK
Kingboo - Desert Colossus
You enter this sacred statue of the Gerudo and find a note, nothing else:
"Heart Pieces from Like Likes"
This activates random encounters with a Like Like on already conquered spaces. Watch out, for Like Likes have been known to eat any equipped shields...!!!

Koopa Kid (from last turn)
Accepting the cruise makes Daisy very happy. Enjoy the trip!
Koopa Kid was fully replenished and received a Fire Flower, and Ice Flower and Triple Shrooms.
You arrived at: Clockwork Castle
You made it to the Castle! Inside is a switch that will let you switch day into night and vice versa. At night, any battles for a castle will have doubled attack power! Do you want to make the switch into night?

I think I should change it to nighttime. Anyone else?
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