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kingboo said:
Berrylarry200 said:
kingboo said:
Berrylarry200 said:
kingboo said:
I say red pipe.

And Yoshi1 and Berrylarry need to engage battle. Possibly... split up so they don't use the Zora Suit to avoid battle?
They are still frozen so luckily we can make it back to the castle before they will. As for Koopa Kid the green pipe sounds too origional, I like the looks of the blue pipe, and the red pipe looks very suspicious... I think you should go with the red pipe or the blue.
Each pipe might possibly lead to a castle...because each one has a color of a team.
You are right, then take the red pipe since Dodger's team has only 1 person at their castle OR should Koopa Kid help Kingboo?
Let me die~

Okay, so I take the red pipe.
Here's July 12's events....

Hylian Knights
Koopa Kid

As you enter the pipe, you hope to arrive at some castle. Instead, you find yourself in...
The Valley of Bowser
You feel as if some ages ago, you were alerted to this place. Anyway, you sight two pathways: a damp, wet path and a cold, underground path. Which do you choose to take? (or perhaps don't take a path?)


Hyrule Field
You're close to HQ... Maybe it's time to stock up?

Well I think Koopa Kid should take the cold, underground path in my opnion. If you don't take a path I have a feeling that you're a goner.
Berrylarry200 said:
Lighting Koopa said:
I'm thinking of not taking any path at all, and go left so I can battle Kinetic. But, if one of the paths lead me to a castle, I can defeat and conquer that castle.
Hmm nice thinking but I think we should fight in teams to be safe... Anyway we need to decide if you will fight or go into the forest... Any suggestions?

If you read July 14 moves it says I can't move right.

BerryLarry, can I go to Forever Forest?
Yoshi1 said:
Berrylarry200 said:
Yoshi1 said:
What will be July 18 - 19 moves?
I don't know how in the world KK got back to where he was but... I was thinking of Koopa Kid going down to either conquer HBK's Castle, Aegis' Castle or help Kingboo...
What about us and Relx?
I was thinking of sticking around the castle since Sushi wants to conquer our castle and they are loaded so it would be best to stick together.
Koopa Kid (from Jul 15) - Daisy Cruiser
The delightful Daisy welcomes you aboard a cruise of a lifetime! Do you accept a journey to the far reaches of the world, for a fee of 40 coins? You will receive some great comfort and hospitality.

Should Koopa Kid take the ride on a luxurious cruise?  <3

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