Mine Carts

I think this is one of the most successful challenge int the game. Three different epic levels, one in Jungle Japes, one in Fungy Forest and one in Creepy Castle. I like all of them. They all have something special in it. Jungle Japes' Mine Cart is probably the basic one, you basically go through a mine. Fungy Forest's Mine Cart has green bells and red bells, this one is probably the longest mine cart track. Creepy Castle's Mine Cart has an enemy that follows you during the track, you also go backwards and there are a couple of tombs. The last one was my favorite, the monster really added something great to the mine cart.

So discuss the mine carts!
Oy, I loved these kinds of areas. The added challenge of holding the required number of coins were tough, but you only needed 25 in Creepy Castle with DK. That one might not be my favorite, but it is challenging, with the ghost behind you.

Diddy Kong in Jungle Japes was pretty easy. I liked every aspect in there, but the annoying part is when you screw up by accidentally switching a gate to block the path that has more coins.

For Chunky Kong in Fungi Forest, it's around medium difficulty. The green/red bells were there, yes, and you had to make sure you ring the green ones to be safe. Other parts were okay, such as Kremlings trying to swipe at you and falling boulders.

They were all fun, and the good thing is, you can play them as many times as you want. Though for Diddy Kong, you have to push the switch every time to get up there.