Member Pix?

Just took this, like, fifteen or so minutes ago. :p


Why did my topic get moved?

Was it because you are trying to get rid of evidence of the Aegis Reign??!?!
Lookin' good, Davis.  :3


I guess it's about high time for me to upload a picture of myself.  I used to keep my image a secret because I was a little nervous on how people would think about me if they saw my true face.  I've had a temptation to upload of image of me, so here's the image!

Enjoy.  I guess.  By the way, the picture I'm holding up is one of the drawings I never bothered to upload yet.  (Well, I scanned it, but I didn't upload it to sites like dA and Tumblr.)  I'm unsure if I want to even upload it or not.  S:  It's Homestuck (The Air Team, really.  My Patron troll is Terezi since I'm a Libra.) . . . but I don't even know.  :c  But think of it as a preview, really.  The image was done on February 25, 2012.  lol
I couldnt see your pic Wacky.

I will upload something soon but I need a haircut first lol.