Megaman X9 The Maverick Wars.

Chapter 1 Peaceful Day in Reploid City.

its been 5 yrs since sigma & Lumine were defeated and the world was at peace it was a nice day X was making adjustments to his buster' Zero was upgrading his Z-Sabers & Axl was Fire his blaster pistols at test targets the Maverick Hunters were all relexed just to know that Sigma was finally gone and that lumine was too and that reploid city could relax knowing Sigma was gone and so the Maverick Hunters left to buy some more parts and Axl was still testing out his new blaster pistols the blaster pistols 2.0 he got new ones cause his old ones were starting to wearout so when X & Zero Returned they all left for lunch and everything was great and the city was peaceful zero was blabbing on how he got a new upgrade for his saber axl was blabbing how he could kill to mavericks with 1 shot & X was Just think of Dr Light and he was created to help save the world X was also think that in time his battle with his pal Zero was gonna come and there was no way he could stop it' so when it was time to go they went back to Maverick Hunter HQ to see Dr Cain Standing & Waiting for them.

End of Chapter 1.
Chapter 2 A new Hunter Arrives. coming soon.