Mario and the Bowser Incident(Mario's biggest Adventure)

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May change the name when I'm finished I've barely started :p.
Anyway this'll be my Mario story that I'll start...soon.
I'll give a short description, but I've barely started writing so it may be a bit different then it turns out.

Mario and co. have to...what?! Save Bowser?! Why would they do such a thing?
Find out in Mario's greatest biggest adventure yet!
Mario woke up from a great sleep the night before.
Mario:What a glorious a day!
*door rings*
Mario: I wonder who a that could be?
Mario walked straight to the door.
Parakarry:Special Delivery!
Mario brought a hughe cardboard box in that was surprisingly light.
Mario:Luigi! Look what we a got in the mail!
Luigi: what is it?
Mario:Let's open it and find out!
They opened it up to find something surprising inside. Yoshi!
Yoshi: YOSHI!
Mario: what was Yoshi a doing in the box?
Yoshi: Bowser is planning to steal Peach again! You need to go there and stop it!
Mario: Don't a worry this will be over very soon.
Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi traveled over to Bowser's castle and peeked into the window.
Bowser: OK Koopas! Peach will be mine...err...ours soon!

Koopa: Why should we be helping you anyway? We don't care about Peach at all!
Bowser:What do you want? Money?
Koopa: I want Daisy!
Koopa2:I want Rosalina!
Bowser:who are they?! Your my minions and you'll listen to me!
Koopa army: you'll listen to us!
The koooa army and Bowser fought all night long. The Mario bros. fell asleep by the window in Bowser's castle. Finally Bowser decided to kidnap Daisy, Rosalina, and for some reason, Wario. But then Bowser saw Mario and Luigi right outside laying down on the castle grounds.
Bowser: looks like I've gotta trap these guys in ropes so they can't ruin my plan.
Now the Mario Bros. are trapped! How could this get any more interesting? Chapter 2 coming tomorrow!!!
What do you think so far?

Koooa: I want Daisy
Sorry, forgot to update yesterday.
Mario and Luigi, trapped by Bowser, now have no way to save all the princesses(and Wario :p). It looks like this time Bowser's gonna get away with stealing peach, Daisy, Rosalina, and Wario :p. But he forgot somebody who's name starts with a Y, Yoshi!

Meanwhile in Peach's Castle,
Toadsworth:I wonder where Mario is? He was supposed to be here for the party!
Peach: he's busy, I'm sure he'll be here soon.
Toadsworth: who else is supposed to protect you from when Bowser comes?!
Peach:Bowser hasn't come for 3 years! He's given up...
Toasworth: what was that? It looks like...Bowser!!!
Peach*gasps* This is a surprise!
Toadsworth: But Yoshi's grabbing on to his tail so he can't move!
Bowser:Let go!!! I'll do anything for you!!! My Koopas will attack you! Come out Koopa Kids!!!
*coughs*I said, come on out Koopa kids!!!
*Bowser squishes the cricket*
Bowser: Where are those fools?! That's it!!! I surrender!!!
Yoshi:YOSHI POWER!!!!!!!!
Yoshi spun Bowser around at speeds over 100 MPH. He then threw him all the way through the roof of the castle and went far, far away.
Toadsworth: That was incredible! You'll have to teach me that one!
What does this have to do with the story? Find out in chapter 3.
Also added a poll which like nobody voted for.
Yoshi later went to save Mario and Luigi at Bowser's Castle. Now all the koopas went back to their houses and Bowser's Castle was destroyed shortly after. Now everyone lived in peace at the Mushroom Kingdom. Or at least they thought they did...

*later at Mario & Luigi's house...*
Mario:Don't scratch it or you'll explode...
*knock, knock*
Luigi: I'll get it!
Toad#267382828264829:Hello, green fella. Is Mr.Mario home?
Luigi:yeah he'
Toad#267382828264829:eek:h. Do you know Princess Peach by any chance?
Toad#267382828264829:great! She's looking to see Mario. Maybe you could go instead.
Toad#267382828264829 and Luigi went to Peach's Castle while Mario stayed inside.
Mario:hmm...I wonder who Luigi's a talking to? Might as well go over there it's a taking a while.
*walks to door only to see nobody there*
Mario:hmm...smells like...Toad! I wonder where they went. Luigi! Luigi!...Luigi!...where is he?
Am I speaking to you correctly?
Ok...making death appear.
For sure.
How are you liking the story? What do you think will happen next? Comment and answer the poll!
Mario looked around for Luigi. No wee-gee anywhere. He finally stumbled upon Peach's Castle, completely destroyed.
All he saw was a huge pile of stone and cracked pillars. Only Toadsworth and one other toad was there.
Mario: What a happened here?
Toadsworth:The princess! The princess!
Mario: I'll save her don't worry!
Toadsworth: NOOOOO!!!!! The princess the princess!
Mario: What about her?
Toadsworth:The princess!!!!!
Mario needed to find her and fast. He didn't understand what he meant. He ran into Toad Town.
He'd never find us.
Why would he think to.
She would.
Yeah I know this chapter was really short so I'm making 2 chapters tomorrow to make up for it.
I know they're already short anyway :p
I've got 2 chaptersin store for you today' ;D
Wario and Waluigi were walking through Toad Town when they noticed Peach's Castle.
Wario:Ay! What happened here?
Waluigi: It looks like the castle was destroyed!
Wario:Hahaha! It looks like Mario's gonna have to do something about this.
Waluigi:Wait Wario! Stiop laughing!
Wario:  :D :D ^-^ what is it?
Waluigi:Look at the way that bush is moving!
Wario:Hmmm...must be the wind.'s not even windy.
*walk over to bush and it starts running away*
Wario:Go catch it!!!!!
Wario and Waluigi ran for a while until they discovered...
Even this smells...
You don't have to.
Don't worry.
I'll go ride it...
I said I'd have 2 chapters today the other one will be posted soon. ;)
I FINALLY got around to posting this chapter. :p sorry for the very long wait.
After a few days, we learn that Mario is missing. Luigi is missing. Wario and Waluigi? Missing. But what happened to them?
Meanwhile at Bowser's Castle...
Koopa:Now nobody can boss us around! Were free to do whatever we want!
Goomba:Mario can't stop us now!
Shadow Mario: That's right! Mwahahaha!
At Delfino Plaza, many Piantas saw that the graffiti was back. It must be Mario back to his mischeif! But it couldn't be...
Even one Pianta there knows that.
??:Now you're gonna die and nobody can do anything about it! Mwahahaha!
Mario: I'm a telling you I didn't do it!
??:Oh, who else could've done it? You're the one proven to have done it!
Mario:Why don't you look at the graffiti in the plaza now!
??:Oh no! Now I've stolen the wrong plumber! But who else could've done it?
Mario: Oh I think I could tell you!
It's my worst fear.
It wouldn't matter.
You wouldn't know.
It was hard to overcome it.
Hiw do you like it now? I think it's starting to get a bit interesting now...