Made my own forum.

The URL? This forum isn't private and you guys can join, but I want to keep my IRL friends safe just in case any of them want to meet up with one of you in real life. (Most likely won't happen, but still...)

BTW, how can I create sub-sections such as "Forum Games, Sports Threads", etc.

As of now, Toadette, The_Executioner, me and Mr. G are the only members on my forum. I'm Blue Yoshi there.
gameguy1996 said:
I am haveing some trouble loging in.

Copied from the FAQ on my site.

First check that you are entering the correct username and password. If they are okay then one of two things may have happened: if Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) support is enabled and you clicked the I am under 13 years old link while registering then you will have to follow the instructions you received. If this is not the case then maybe your account need activating. Some boards will require all new registrations be activated, either by yourself or by the administrator before you can log on. When you registered it would have told you whether activation was required. If you were sent an e-mail then follow the instructions; if you did not receive the e-mail then check that your e-mail address is valid. One reason activation is used is to reduce the possibility of rogue users abusing the board anonymously. If you are sure the e-mail address you used is valid then try contacting the board administrator.