How to RP and some proper Rping etiquete.

Not to bash anyone on here but I think we might need some work on our rp quality here.... Anyways when you rp you're basically telling a story. When you write it it should look something like this,

Ryou walked into the kitchen sat down and opened a jar of peanut butter for the sandwich he was making. As he sat down his sister came in and asked him

"Hey could you make me a sandwich?"


There is also another way of doing this..

Ryou: *Walks in and gets out the peanut butter*

Anyways you get the idea. Also when you are posting remember to let everyone else post before you post again. Like if Wolf, Aegis, SZ and I were rping I'd wait for their replies before posting again.

When you make your rp topic remember to put either open or invite only in your title. Open means that anyone can join. Invite means that you have to ask.

Just keep this stuff in mind when you're rping.  Thanks Guys  ;D