Hoshi no Satori


Somewhere in the Fountain of Dreams, a shady figure is seen approaching the legendary Star Rod, with a number of Star Warriors laying down in defeat, including a figure shaped like a puff.

??: Aiyee...No matter how much we fend off Nightmare, he keeps on coming back...

In the Palace of the Earth Spirits, Satori Komeiji, Koishi Komeiji, Utsuho Reiuji, and Rin Kaenbyou are performing their daily routine. As they are preparing to spend some group time together, a barrier appears out of the blue and surrounds Satori. Suddenly, the barrier shines light towards Satori, and she suddenly gets warped out. The other three have a confused look on their faces.

Nightmare approaches the Star Rod, and lifts his arm up to the sky. The Star Rod started to glow, and dark mist spread over all of Dream Land.

Nightmare: Now all of the entire universe shall disintegrate into my hands for what those fools did with it!

Satori gets warped into the scene from the sky. She falls from the sky, and lands in front of Nightmare.

Nightmare: So another idiot shows up in attempt to stop me? You've arrived too late.

Satori: Just what was I sent here for? Why was I warped out of my mansion?

Nightmare: Silence! You will witness the destruction of the universe with the rest of these ignorant fools!

Satori approaches and examines the unconscious pink puff.

Satori: (So this... is Kirby?) So you won't answer? How about if I hit you with some danmaku? Recollection "Terrible Souvenir!"

Satori fires energy balls at Nightmare, who uses the Star Rod to block the attack. It shatters in the process, and its pieces are flung and scattered around Dream Land.

Nightmare: You persistent brat! Eat this!

Nightmare, with his fist glowing black, punches Satori, who is holding Kirby, sending both of them flying.

Nightmare: Curses! That pink-haired brat has slowed down the process of the destruction of the universe, but I will still find a way to put all of it in my hands!

Satori opens her eyes, gazing at the ceiling of a room in Castle Dedede.

??: She's awake, Fumu! Where did you find her?

Fumu: Bun, I saw this girl holding Kirby, and they both landed right in front of the castle!

Satori: Wha...What is this place?

Fumu: This is Castle Dedede, where the king lives in. He's been a really big jerk lately, although he did help Kirby defeat numerous threats like Magolor.

Satori: Hey, if Kirby was the one resolving these incidents, maybe he has the information that can help defeat that shadowy cloaked beast that I confronted earlier.

Satori attempts to use her Third Eye to read Kirby's mind, but she cannot acquire any information.

Satori: His mind must be locked. Maybe the Star Rod can help unlock it?

Fumu: You're the one proposing this, so I guess we can try to search for it.

Satori: ...It's shattered. By Nightmare.

Fumu gets a Heroic BSOD.

Fumu: He's been reincarnated? We have to find the pieces of the Star Rod before he uses it to wipe out the entire universe!

Fumu summons a Warp Star, and she, Bun, and Satori, with Kirby in hand, rocket to Vegetable Valley.

The Warp Star lands in Vegetable Valley, which has decaying grass and other rotting plants in it.

Fumu: No...The entire area is in ruins!

The group carefully treks through the wasteland, eventually reaching a tree. A menacing face appears from the tree, blowing a strong gust of wind at the group.

Fumu: This wind... so powerful force!

Bun: Get down low!

Fumu and Bun crouch to resist the gale.

Satori: Maybe this tree was the one that destroyed the entire grassland! I'll lay timber to it before it lifts up the soil!

Satori's Third Eye starts to emit waves that scan the tree. She discovers that the tree is the Gale Oak, and as she reads her mind, a tengu fan forms in front of her. Satori grabs the fan and raises it to the sky.

Satori: Eat this!

Satori rapidly waves the fan, whipping up a huge tornado. As it approaches the Gale Oak, it gathers debris and rocks. The tornado then uproots the Gale Oak from the ground and shatters its limbs, raising it high into the sky before Satori swings the fan downward, causing the Gale Oak to crash into the ground, and a glowing shard gets flung out of it and into Satori's free hand.

Satori: Could this be ...a fragment of the Star Rod?

Satori and co. rocket to Stone Savannah to retrieve the second Star Rod Shard. Bronto Burts and Fairies attempt to slow the group down by bombarding them with energy pellets, but Satori breaks through with her own danmaku. Eventually, the group spots the shard, guarded by two stone figures resembling Lolo and Lala, who proceed to chuck Gordos at the group.

Fumu: Careful, Satori!

Satori sidesteps away from an incoming Gordo.

Satori: I've got this. These blockheads are all predictable in their attacks. I can defeat them without even looking.

Satori scans the two stone figures, and a katana forms in front of her. She leaps up into the sky, before plunging her katana right into one of the stone figures, then swings it into the other stone figure, destroying both of them. Satori then picks up the shard.

Satori: Well, that's two shards down... Could the Star Rod really wake Kirby up?

The group spots a penguin-like figure wearing royal garments, stomping his feet in annoyance.

Satori: (Dedede? What's he doing here?)

Dedede: What was that black shadow doing with the puff? Only I can beat up the puff!

Satori: Kirby? He's been knocked unconscious by Nightmare, and the Star Rod shattered as a result of him using it to block my attack. He's planning to destroy all of Dream Land...

Dedede: WHAT? That shadow will not get away with trying to destroy my castle! I'll find him and knock the tar out of him!

Dedede joins Satori and co. The group then rockets in the Warp Star in search of the third shard.

Satori and co. arrive in Metal Mountain, where they confront a black-cloud Kracko. Noticing the group, Kracko fires a bolt at the group. Satori receives the shock, and collapses to her knees, wincing.

Satori: Ugh...

Just as Kracko charges another bolt, two silhouettes rushed towards him, revealing themselves to be Meta Knight and Sirica. The two barrage Kracko with Galaxia and a Swiss Army gun from NME.

Meta Knight: A powered-up Kracko... This could turn out to be a fair fight!

Sirica: Like what you call a "fair fight" involves using swords against bolts? Whatever, this cloud will vanish!

While Kracko is being barraged, Satori pulls out an oil cannon and fires a blast of oil at Kracko, disintegrating him. The third shard appears, which is collected by Satori. Meta Knight and Sirica join Satori and co.

Sirica: So this is the puff you've been talking about?

Meta Knight: Yes. Nightmare seems to have gained enough dark energy that not even Kirby can defeat him with his highest natural ability. We need to find the shards to fix the Star Rod.

Satori: The Star Warriors... can they make a comeback if we fix the Star Rod?

The group launches off to locate the fourth shard.

Gensou Shoujo Taisen: Shippu! Senpuu! Shameimaru! ~ Wind God Girl - Aya's Theme
Aya Shameimaru swoops down to the entrance of the Palace of the Earth Spirits in a dramatic fashion.

Aya: This is your friendly neighborhood reporter Shameimaru. Today we'll be looking at the mistress of the Palace of the Earth Spirits down underground, Satori Komeiji.

The front door of the palace opens, and Aya spots Koishi.

In a random house, Yukari Yakumo pulls the plug on the record player, and the turntable gradualy slows down rotating.

Koishi: You're looking for sis? She's been warped out of here by some unknown force.

Aya: And her sister declares that she's gone missing! What an unexpected change of events!

A portal opens behind Aya.

??: I sent her out.

Aya turns around and spots Yukari.

Yukari: Nightmare has defeated the Star Warriors and is planning to destroy all of Dream World. Gensokyo could be next if he isn't brought to his ends. Now if you wish to speak to Satori, you'll have to warp there.

Yukari opens a portal below Aya, who falls in it.

Satori and co. rocket to Chilly Cavern. They are confronted by Darollinci, who paints a picture.

Satori: What harm can art do to me?

The picture of a Bonkers pops out of the easel and charges at the group. Satori scans the Bonkers, and a green cap appears on her head, a green backpack appears on her back, and a Super Scope appears in front of her. Satori grabs it and shoots the Bonkers, disintegrating it. Darollinci then paints a picture of Dedede, which pops out and charges the Jet Hammer.

Dedede: You get an F in art! My Jet Hammer is more advanced than that!

Dedede rushes in front of Satori and flattens the painting. Darollinci clenches his fists, then paints pictures of Meta Knight and Sirica.

Meta Knight: Another being that paints mooks to attack us. This one seems to be horribly accurate.

Sirica: My Swiss Army gun is way cooler than that lame toy.

Meta Knight and Sirica leap high into the sky, then Meta Knight slams at the duplicate painting version of him with a Mach Tornado while Sirica singes her duplicate with a flamethrower. An enraged Darollinci enlarges his easel and paints a giant painting of Kirby. As the painting leaps out, it starts to vaccuum inhale the group, who latch into the ground.

Bun: He was that desperate?

Fumu: This might be the end...

Dedede: This is just overkill!

Sirica: You can't beat us on your art so you decide to cheat?

Meta Knight: There has to be a way to defeat this one...

Satori fires energy balls at the painting, only for them to shrink down to nonexistence.

Satori: My danmaku's not working!

The painting's vaccuum inhale increases in strength, and the group starts to get sucked into it. In a mountain in the background, a silhouette lifts up a fan and crouches. Before Satori and co get sucked into the painting's mouth, the silhouette forms a wind arrow around it and slams into the painting, knocking it back.

Aya battle - Gensou Shoujo Taisen You BGM

Aya reveals herself to be the figure that struck the painting. She uses Illusionary Dominance, rapidly pummeling the painting with rapid dives. She dives directly downward to strike the finishing blow to the painting, then slides with her fan raised while the painting explodes. Satori fires an energy ball at Darollinci, knocking him down and causing him to drop the fourth shard.

Aya: At last, we locate the mistress!

Satori: What have you been up to? We're trying to find the shards of the Star Rod.

Aya: The Star Rod? This could provide for an interesting scoop!

Satori and co rocket off to search for the fifth shard, with Aya, unnoticed, following the group. They arrive in Fungi Forest, where Coroclipse and Eclona await. The two charge up a solar beam and a lunar beam. Before they could fire, they are blasted away by a giant laser, and the fifth shard gets flung to a silhouette, who grabs it. The figure approaches the group, revealing to be Yuuka Kazami.

Yuuka: Such wonderful children, dropping their toys clumsily.

Satori: What are you even saying?

Yuuka: Oh, so you're going to take your time and play with me. Have a reward from me.

Yuuka charges up energy in her parasol, and fires a huge Master Spark at Satori. An HP bar appears in the screen of televisions playing this scene, showing that Satori took 9999 damage and is left with 1 HP.

Satori is crouching as she struggles to lift herself up.

Yuuka: And this is just a test of your power. You still have some energy for your move?

Satori: I'm just warming up.

Satori glows red, blue, and violet, and a ring of light forms around her.

Satori: You haven't seen my full potential, Yuuka. Anyone underestimating my power will quickly learn from it.

東方 Arrange #115 FENNEL SEED (Creepy Metal)

Satori: Soul "Severe Trauma!"

Satori barrages Yuuka with giant energy balls, and Yuuka uses her parasol to form a barrier in front of her. The danmaku explodes on her, and eventually pushes her back.

Yuuka: Hehehe, you're surprisingly strong. Take your toys back. Your efforts deserve praise. I see your skills have not deteriorated. Well, I shall retreat now in deference to your hard work. Good day to you.

Yuuka tosses the shard at Satori and surrounds herself in a sunflower field, and teleports out, and a Maxim Tomato falls down to where Yuuka was standing. Satori replenishes herself with the Maxim Tomato. The group then rockets to the Fountain of Dreams.

At the Fountain of Dreams, the group confronts Nightmare.

Nightmare: So you've managed to fix the Star Rod for me.

Satori: I'm not that gullible!

Nightmare: Now then, this will be the last time you'll see this universe as it currently is. Because now it will fall and I shall rebuild it according to my views!

Bun: No way!

Fumu: You're planning on killing all of the residents with your monstrous deeds?

Meta Knight: Now this is pure evil.

Sirica: I've got a highly advanced weapon, and I'm going to use it to bring forth justice onto you!

Dedede: Attack!

While the rest of the group fights Nightmare, Satori fixes the Star Rod, holding it high and pointing it to the sky.

Satori: Now, Star Warrior Kirby, fulfill your purpose and help protect all of Dream Land!

A beam of light fires out of the Star Rod and into Kirby, arousing him. Satori hands over the Star Rod to him, then scans him, and another Star Rod appears for Satori to battle with. The rest of the group manages to knock Nightmare down, before he emerges from the ground. A dark mist envelopes him, and swirls until a dark human-shaped being unveils. All of the group strike battle poses as all of Dream Land becomes veiled in dark mist.

Satori: Fuhime Zettekara! I will not let your monstrous self harm any of my organs or an entire universe like you did with a truckload of Piko clones! Today, you will be brought down to justice and get sent a one-way ticket to the Yama!

Fuhime opens a portal into Another Dimension and enters it. Two Warp Stars descend from the sky, and Kirby and Satori hop on them, rocketing into the portal. As they blast their way through the debris, they pass through a scanning system, and copies of Kirby and Satori appear, riding Warp Ztars.

Satori: A bunch of cheap copies... I'll send them all to the dust!

Satori and Kirby start firing stars from their Star Rods, dodging ztars from the copies' Ztar Rods. The four barrage each other with stars and ztars. Eventually the copies explode. Fuhime then fires two orbs at Satori and Kirby, who swerve around to dodge them, before they crash into the crystal ground.

Satori: Now, it's time for you to meet your demise!

The two and Fuhime fight. As Satori and Kirby dodge energy orbs, dark vines, and a vaccuum portal, they charge up their Star Rods. Eventually the rods glow brightly, and the two fire huge stars at Fuhime, knocking her down. Dark mist then surrounds her, and swirls around her, unveiling her soul.

Satori: (She's still not finished yet? If only we can defeat her quickly...)

??: There's the culprit!

Koishi, Utsuho, and Orin descend into the battle.

Koishi: Sis, I'll help you overcome this beast!

Orin: Finally tracked you down.

Satori: All of you... Will you be stopping Fuhime with me?

Koishi: Of course! What would a family be worth if they don't fight together?

Satori: Thank you, everyone.

Satori and Kirby raise their Star Rods, pointing them to the sky.

Satori: Now, legendary Star Rod, send us power to restore all of Dream Land!

The Star Rods started to glow, and a huge laser fires from them right at Fuhime's soul, which fades in the darkness after getting knocked down by the impact.

And so, Dream Land restores back to its peaceful state with the scenery and landscapes regrowing. As the civilians of Dream Land celebrate its restoration, Satori, Koishi, Utsuho, and Orin wave goodbye to their traveling companions as a portal opens up behind them. They enter the portal, which warps them back to the Palace of the Earth Spirits.

Aya is seen in Gensokyo's Human Village delivering newspapers. Yukari is relaxing at the Hakurei Shrine with Ran and Chen.

Yuuka is watering sunflowers in a flower field.

Satori: Now I feel like some tea after this adventure.

Satori opens a drawer which is meant to store the tea, only to discover that one of the bags is missing.