Home-Run Contest

I only used this mode to punch the living hell out of Sandbag when I was frustrated. :p
Melee: Dr.Mario:884.2Ft Mario:712.2Ft Luigi:677.1Ft Bowser:941.9Ft Peach:684.7Ft Yoshi:1538.1 :eek: DK:902.5Ft C.Falcon:501.9Ft Ganondorf:844.5Ft Falco:746.4Ft Fox:964.9Ft Ness:747.0Ft Ice Climbers:951.4Ft Kirby:716.5Ft Samus:647.9Ft Zelda:636.8 Link:751.9Ft Y.Link:659.1Ft Roy:671.2Ft Marth:679.1Ft Mr.G&W:666.6Ft  ::) Mewtwo:764.4Ft JPuff:866.9Ft Pikachu:670.9Ft Pichu:670.9Ft

Total: 19500.4Ft
H-J カービイ said:
It's only natural to have Yoshi's score as one of the highest in HRC in Melee, thanks to the flutter kick (dair).

Looks like you're just a bit off the trophy for 20000Ft... I think.
Nope. I played a bit more Melee today and got the total over 20000Ft and I didnt get a trophy.