Hideout Helm

This is the last level before fighting the last boss. It is divided in two parts. The first one you must turn off the machine, you have time to do it or it's game over. The second part, you basically go through the Hideout to get the last Key. There are no bananas and golden bananas in this level.

I think it's a great level to end the game. Having some minutes to save your island was cool. I would always stress when I had to do the jetpac thing with Diddy since it had bad controls, or I was bad at it. Bonus stages in this level are different, which made....Different. When I finish the first part, then I'm all relaxed knowing the hardest part is finish.

Let the discussion begin!
One of my favorites, yet short. You initially begin with 10 minutes, but you can have up to 50 minutes. The first time I went through, I only had 34 minutes. But now, I make sure I have 50 minutes to shut the machine off. The bonus mini-games were very different, but the sad thing is, you're limited to playing them and there isn't another chance to play them in the future.

The second half, after shutting off the machine, was easy, it's very linear. But 4 Battle Crowns, Nintendo 64 Coin, and the Rareware Coin are all required to get the last key. I liked both versions of the soundtrack in this level, during the progress of shutting it down, and after you shut it down.
First favorite, but too bad it's so short.  I loved how you are on the clock to shut down that machine.  The minigames were more fun than the usual ones and the music is better.  I love exploring the place.  C:  Shame you can't play the timing mode again either..  same with the minigames.