Hidden racism?

I've heard this brought up a few times, not just about anime but about Japanese video games as well.

I think its a tricky thing. There aren't many black people in Japan so its not that shocking that there aren't any portrayed in their media. But at the same time, black people or not, the lips stuff is racist, whether intentional or not. I wouldn't say the Japanese or anime is racist, just ignorant. If that makes sense.
Like we're any better. The Cleveland Show is a mockery of black culture yet everyone seems to find that show ok.

There have been Final Fantasy heroes of black descent. Just look at Kiros or Waka.
We have stupid shit like Jerry Springer Show and Maury and everything else on local television. Also contains White people, too, but I would say it's equivalent? I dunno. I would agree it's just because there aren't that many Black people in Japan. Their manga (depending on which I suppose) doesn't have that many White people neither (though more frequent than Black)