Help us please

A friend and I have attempted to make a board for MP3 based on F-Zero's Mute City we had it working at one point (with some bugs including skipping some spaces and the star being shown to be in one area but actually in another) and when we went to fix it after said stream, we now have ran into "a non-conventional path split" and yet we cannot see the split, so we hoped we could get some help in solving this while getting some improvement tips also. Below is a gyazo to what we have done so far; thanks very much for reading and thanks for such a great tool.
I believe it has something to do with your start space, place an invisible space where your start space is and move your start space somewhere else. You could also move your start space somewhere along the track connected to another space.
Also, there is a long stretch of red and blue spaces, I recommend that you diversify those spaces a little bit.
Edit: I think this would probably work well with MP1, since you can make it so that you get coins after each loop you have done.
I've had problems like this before, and every single time it ended up being my fault. The space skipping is probably just a simple error during path creation (i.e. skipping a space accidentally when connecting spaces with one click). The non-conventional path split could be another error of the same nature. If I were you I'd just erase the connections between spaces and re-draw them slowly. I'm not sure what else I can tell you, unfortunately.