GrandStar's Super Mario Maker Levels

Here I will Post all the levels I make, as well as a Brief description. Level names contain a link to the level on the Bookmark website.

Difficulty color code:
Super Expert=Red

Maker Profile

Sunken Blasters of Bill - (7025-0000-018F-CA7B)
My first level, and probably one of my hardest. As the name suggests, this level involves Bullet Bill Blasters sinking into lava.

Escape ◆ A Cat Peach Adventure - (497C-0000-019D-1854)
It's high time Peach took care of herself. Now use that Super bell and escape!

Mario Meets the 3rd Dimension - (6247-0000-01A9-0664)
Probably my best level yet! This one takes off of the idea introduced in Super Paper Mario in which the world can turn 3D for a short period of time.

Bob-omb BLAST! - (46D2-0000-01AC-5E06)

A very difficult level. That's all I have to say.
Think you have some levels I might enjoy? Reply to this post with a link to the page for the course on the Bookmark website!

1. Go to the SMM Bookmark website here.
2. Sign in to Nintendo Network.
3. Click on your mii and select "My Profile"
4. Scroll down and find the course.
5. Select "More info."
6. Copy the url and paste it in a reply to this topic.