Gloomy Galleon

This is the 4th world in DK64. It is divided in three main sections; the cave which is where you enter, the sunken ships place and the lighthouse. This is basically the only water level in this game. You can also use Enguarde in the two water sections. You also must change the water level to advance in this world. You also meet a seal and a mermaid.

So yeah, I hated the controls for swimming, but it still was an interesting level. I would always do the lighthouse first, I don't why. :p I thought changing the water level made this level harder. Using Enguarde was cool also, it was a better way to swim. I think there are two sunken ships, one mechanical fish (that was a hard one), and one sub if I'm not wrong. I always thought the sub was a hat.
I hated this level, but that's only because it was mostly underwater. Exploring the ships was kind of fun, but short. Getting the Banana Fairy in Tiny Kong's section was tough. And there was the other Stealthy Snoop for Diddy Kong. Longer than the other one, yes, but sadly that's the second and final one.

Enguarde was fun, but the only purpose was to destroy the treasure chests underwater, mostly for Lanky and extra coins for other Kongs. The lighthouse is fun, but after switching the light on, it dims the sky and makes it harder to see underwater, but I dealt with it. Switching the water level was annoying to an extent, you had to do it constantly to get everything.
I loved it, particulary the ship section because it remained me of Silent Hill. :p
DJ Spirit said:
Wackii said:
I was not a fond of this world too much.  However, I liked the references they used..  like Kaptain K. Rool images from DKC2.  Also, Engaurde was fun.  C:  Also, the boss battle was kind of difficult because of the slick controls.  Haha.
I thought the controls were okay for the boss. Probably not the best controls, but they still were okay.
Yeah, I agree. Controls weren't that hard, but frustrating if you screw something up, like passing by a DK Star without touching it, and the tricky part is to turn around immediately.