Game Boy DKCs (Donkey Kong LAND)


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Have you guys ever played the Donkey Kong Land series on the Game Boy?

I haven't played it because I only had a Game Gear way back when. =P
I have all 3.

Donkey Kong Land is it's own variant of a game (with pretty tough controls, but you get used to them).

Donkey Kong Land II is pretty much a direct port over from the SNES game (level design being the same as much as it can)

Donkey Kong Land III is also a completely different game (like the first DKL). I almost played this over my Gaming with HuntMac deal (and it's still on the table if people are interested) but yea. It's completely different and probably the most fun of the III. I would even go as far and say if you didn't like Returns as a fourth DKC, go ahead and play this, it's like DKC 3.5 :p Really really good (for what it's worth).
I have yet to play any. I really want to though, but I need to get an original GB first. :p
Yea, especially for the first one, it would be hard to play on an emulator (just cause actual controls are the best thing, and even then it's tough).

DKLII, eh, it really is as much of a port you can get to the DKC2 :p

But I would definitely recommend the DKLIII, man. GET ON IT~! Or I may randomly stream it... tomorrow? *eyebrow raise smiley*
I own all 3, they're extremely great.

Donkey Kong Land III is not only my favorite of the Land trilogy, but my favorite Donkey Kong game of all time (next to DKC3 SNES for other reasons). I feel that DKL III was definitely the most playable of the trilogy and had some of the most fun levels ever featured in a side-scroller. In all, I feel it consists of wonderful graphics, music, atmosphere and gameplay, all of which intertwine together to create a huge, beautiful image.
Yea, only way to save was with the KONG letters. I found that out in the middle of world 2 when I was trying to quit :p (cause I knew I saw the save prompt somewhere).

And if memory serves, you can't go back worlds in DKL1? Once you do the boss you can't go back? Either that, or they're all connected with no Funky :p