Frantic Factory

The third level of Donkey Kong 64, takes place in a factory. Four levels of the factory, Lobby, Testing Room, R&D, and the Production Room. Battle with toys and a toy monster, explore the Production Room, turning on the factory, and much more.

This level is one of my favorites. I liked exploring everywhere with each Kong, and the Production Room is meant to be taken seriously. Only Tiny Kong can reach the highest point of the Production Room, and only Donkey can activate the factory. Other parts in other levels of the factory are fun, as well. One Beaver Bother here for Diddy Kong, but it's not as hard as the ones in Creepy Castle.

When I found the DK Arcade I was like: "tis is so funneh". I had trouble... xd
It was a pretty cool level, but it also was a big maze for me. When I had some bananas left, I had to check everywhere which isn't easy in a big place like this. I also loved that "burp" game. I would always restart it only to listen to the orange one, it was too funny.
The Factory had a lot of great shit, like you guys said. DK Arcade and Pop The Kremling were addicting. :p This was also the level where I couldn't find this one fucking Banana Bunch that I missed in like the very first spot in the level. It just was transparent so I couldn't tell. :p
My fourth favorite.  I liked the toy theme and battling the Big Toy with Big Chunky.  Loved the mini-boss battles with Diddy and the colored Kremling piano thing with Lanky.

Reaching to the very top of the Factory was difficult, even if I was playing as Tiny.  c:  Such great height.  Music here was pretty awesome!

@VIP - The 'A' Kremling was used.  I thought the 'F' Kremling wasn't used.