Fortune Street: Custom Boards

Hi guys i have been recently tryng to make 2 boards.

I were doing the first one and it worked perfectly. then i just tested it one time on Mario's circuit

then i tried to do another one but this one crashes the game where i roll the dice or the computer characters roll.

Then i did my hard work to change the districts of properties 1 to 0 but it didnt worked.
Then i thought it was because you cant modify the max dice roll.
Me and my girlfriend are totally obsessed with Fortune Street!  We have been playing it for several years now and still haven't gotten tired of it.  This board editor has been a life safer for helping to keep the game fresh.  I've made several custom boards and it is even good at making the standard boards more fun.  It is too bad the editor isn't still being worked on.  It is a great piece of software but it could be even better with a few improvements.  Anyways the main reason I wanted to post is because I've noticed nobody has ever posted a list of the ShopIDs.  In the editor there is a box labeled ShopModelID.  What this does is allows you to choose what the property is.  For example Grocery Store,Fruit Stall, Coffee Shop etc... you can leave this blank and the board will work fine, just none of the properties will be named.  I always like to name my shops even though it really isn't that important.  I've been wanting to make a list of the shop names and I've finally done it.  Below is the full list of the ShopModelIDs.  For example Barbershop is 31.  So if you put 31 into the ShopModelID box in the board editor that property will be named Barbershop in game.  You may noticed some numbers are skipped.  That is because some numbers have no property name when selected.  I hope somebody finds this useful!

5-Scrap Paper Shop
6-Wool Shop
7-Bottle Store
8-Secondhand Book Shop
9-Scrap-Metal Supplier
10-Stationery Shop
11-General Store
13-Ice-cream Shop
14-Comic-book Shop
16-Doughnut Shop
17-Pizza Shack
19-Grocery Store
21-Fish Market
22-Toy Shop
24-Cosmetics Boutique
25-T-Shirt Shop
26-Fruit Stall
27-Photography Studio
28-Coffee Shop
29-Butcher Shop
32-Hat Boutique
33-Hardware Store
34-Gift Shop
36-Shoe Shop
37-Clothing Store
40-Furniture Shop
41-Sports Shop
43-Glass Maker's
44-Sushi Shop
45-Art Gallery
46-Leatherware boutique
47-Pet Shop
48-Nail Salon
49-Spice Shop
50-Music shop
51-Surf Shop
52-Boating Shop
54-Alloy Rims Shop
55-Fashion Boutique
57-Lens Shop
58-Kaleidoscope Shop
59-Crystal Ball Shop
61-Gemstone Supplier
62-Taxidermy Studio
65-Antiques Dealer
70-Fossil Shop
72-Music-box Shop
75-Marionette Workshop
76-Health Shop
80-Organic Food Shop
81-Bridal Boutique
85-Autograph Shop
90-Meteorite Shop
98-Department Store
101-Vacant Plot
103-Circus Tent
105-Tax Office
107-Estate Agency
108-3-Star Shop