Final Smashes

Snowy The Czar said:
Lakilester said:
12socc3r45 said:
Luigi and Jigglypuff are also quite similar, as they take up a large circle, which can prove advantageous if they get hit, but if not, then you're stuffed. Game and Watch is also way too cheap, it's almost impossible to avoid unless you have extreme skill. dK is also rather similar to Luigi's and Jigglypuff's.
I don't know where to begin...

OK, first off, Jigglypuff and Luigi's are NOTHING alike. Does Jigglypuff's final smash make you go faster, get stronger, and slows down your opponents, make them taunt, etc? I think not. Just cuz they take up room doesn't mean there similar. And Game and Watch's final smash is easy to avoid if you know what you are doing. =P

EpicWaluigi 3.0 said:
Yoshi has never been good in the SSB series, so what do you expect? lol :p
If you think Yoshi is bad, then you have never played against someone who is good with him.
No, I have played against good Yoshi players. But idk about you guys, but Yoshi is just one of the characters that are not good. Like first off the jump, he's easily juggled, etc. It's just like with Jigglypuff for this game, it's a fact that they're not good, but it doesn't you can't BE good with them, since i've plenty of good Jiggz and Yoshi players. =P
...That doesn't make any sense.

A player is good with the character but they still are terrible characters? .~.
I'm decent with Yoshi.

Lakilester said:
Kona-chan said:
...That doesn't make any sense.

A player is good with the character but they still are terrible characters? .~.
The character is bad, but the player is good. The character being bad just means they're harder to be good with, or against better characters (like Meta Knight <3) they'll have a harder time winning. :p

Translation: Heil the Tier List.
It doesn't matter. If the player kicks ass with a certain character, they aren't bad. :p

Stupid tiers.
They're fun to use but some are just insanely overpowered, to the point where people just groan what you get one knowingly they'll inevitably be killed. Meanwhile, you have characters whose finally smashes are practically useless. I wish they could've toned down some smashes such as Fox's ship and made folks like Peach and Jigglypuff actually capable of doing something impressive.