Favorite Stage(s) in Super Smash

I really like the Ice Climber Stage and Wario Ware Inc. Stage. It's sooooo fun! And Wario Ware Games in the Wario Ware Stage Remind me of the WarioWare Inc. Mega Micro Game$.
Haven't played SSB. My favorite stage would be Final Destination or Battlefield(On both Melee and Brawl) because there's nothing to interfere with you or make you die(besides your opponents). Most of my friends like Corneria, but I don't like it. I hate the planes shooting at you and I just don't like that right end at the top. Yesterday,(New Year's Eve) someone was Pikachu and they just kept on spamming Thunder at that area. Even though some other stages give you advantage to dodge final smashes, I still like Final Destination and Battlefield.
Snowy The Czar said:
Aegis said:
Pretty Cool Guy said:
Melee: Fountain of Dreams, Corneria, Mute City
Brawl: Smashville?, Spear Pillar, Final Destination

How can you honestly like Spear Pillar? IMO, it's one of the cheapest stages in fighting game history.
Then I'm assuming you've only ever played SSBB and no other fighter.



You obviously haven't played Sonic Fighters or Crash Bash. :p
ssb: Hyrule castle, saffron city
Melee: Temple, pokefloats, Big Blue, Jungle Japes, Mute City, Pokemon Stadium
Brawl: Port Aero Drive, Temple, Pictochat
H-J カービイ said:
SSB: Sector Z, Dream Land, Kongo Jungle, and Mushroom Kingdom.
SSBM: Rainbow Road, Final Destination, Temple, Termina Great Bay, Pokemon Stadium, Jungle Japes
SSBB: Final Destination, Battlefield, Halberd, Yoshi's Island, Castle Siege, custom stages =P

Rainbow Road? Thats in Mario Kart, NOT Super Smash Bros Melee :p