Favorite Race

Let's see, there were a couple of races in DK64. There were two races against a turtle (never knew what it really was), one in Crystal Caves and one in the Desert (remind me the name please xD). There two races against a car, one in Frantic Factory and one in Creepy Castles which brings you back in Frantic Factory. One race against a rabbit, where you to run arround a tree in Fungus Forest with Lanky. Also one race against a seal in the Galleon. So six races in total, if I forgot one tell me. :p

So my favorite was the second one against the "turtle" in Crystal Caves. I loved going through that Iced Castle and it had great sceneries, mostly the volcano parts. It was really challenging, jumping accross the lava wasn't easy, but made it funnier and even more challenging!
That desert level was Angry Aztec.

The races with the beetle are easy, yet I don't know why most say it's difficult. It really isn't. The only race I hate is the rabbit in Fungi Forest (not Fungus Forest, by the way), he was easy the first time, but you need to come back for the OrangSprint to win the second race, as he is much faster. I usually like to cut in corners if possible, and you could get a little extra luck if an enemy blocks you.

Anyway, my favorite race was probably the ones you had to be in a Kart as Tiny. They're quite fun. I personally liked the first race better than the second race.