Favorite Boss

Each level has a boss. Each Kong has to fight at least one boss, except for the last two. So yeah, which one was your favorite?

I'll actually make a list:

Least favorite: Jungle Japes' boss, the fact that there is this boss a second time makes it my least favorite. He's way too easy, after all, it's only the first boss.

7th: Angry Aztec's boss, basically the same reason as my first one in the list.

6th: Creepy Castle's boss, I thought it was a bit cheap, I would have expected some kind of witch, zombie or whatever. The battle was still great and who would have expected some kind of cardboard pieces fighting. xD

5th: King K. Rool, 5 different battles, 5 great battles actually. :)

4th: Gloomy Galleon's boss, it was a cool battle actually, the fish really scared me the first time. :p

3rd: Crystal Caves' boss, this battle was way better than the first one! It had lot of action.

2nd: Fungy Forest's boss, once again, better than the first time. A bit stressing the first time, mostly at the end, I remember I lost so many times when I was young... xD

1st: Frantic Factory's boss, my favorite boss from the game, the battle was great and I thought it was challenging for a third boss. Flying tower to tower was great, it's not like other bosses where you have one platform.

So discuss.
My favorite is probably the one in Crystal Caves, and not just the action you said, but I like the arena there, too.

Then I would go with Frantic Factory, it was pretty cool, I had a lot of trouble getting from platform to platform when I was younger.

Third is probably King K. Rool, as it involves the use of all the Kongs. Third stage of it was hilarious, K. Rool could not see, and slipping on banana peels.

Fourth would probably be King Kut Out, since you do use all the Kongs, what I like most about it is that you could kill that ghostly Kremling for health.

Fifth, Fungi Forest Boss, as I had a lot of trouble trying to connect some punches before I fall to my doom with the sinking arena.

Sixth, Puftoss, it was fun moving quickly in a motorboat going through the DK Stars, and you had to do it quickly. I liked how the boss end up, though, quite funny at first.

Seventh would be Jungle Japes Boss. It was just too easy.

Lastly, it would be Angry Aztec, it was just as easy as the first boss, despite the Kong you use here was my favorite of all.
I forgot the one where you have to jump platform to platform to make the boss accidently chase you into a trap, but that was my favorite.
To be honest, I used to hate Mad Jack because he was one of the bosses I couldn't beat when I was younger.  Nowadays, he's pretty fun.

1 - Second Dragonfly Battle because I had a lot of fun.
2 - Second Armadillo Battle because the stage arena was great and fun battle.
3 - King K. Rool because using all Kongs for strategy was awesome to defeat K. Rool
4 - King Kut Out because this boss was funny and tricky.
5 - Mad Jack - See first post.
6 - Pufftoss because of the slick controls and strategy made it tricky.
7 - First Dragonfly because it was too easy.
8 - First Armadillo - Same thing as seven.