Donkey Kong 64

I LOVED THIS GAME! The only thing I hated was Gloomy Galleon because it was pretty much all under water. I loved the Graphics, the characters, and I Loved the ending. :D

My favourite character is Lanky because of his Orangstand :D
Glad to see that everybody in this thread liked the game. Talk about it anywhere else and people are quick to jump down your throat about it being horrid.

I remember my first run (I was 8) and I got all the way to the end, and you need a RareWare Coin and a Ninendo Coin. I had the Nintendo Coin already (so I thought) and spent a massive amount of time trying to break the highscore to get the RareWare coin. Only problem is I forgot what score I had to break, so I just kept getting higher and higher High Scores. Come to find out I already had the RareWare coin and needed the Nintendo one all along :p And this was actually done within 2 years ago.

I beat K. Rool on my cousin's cart or something (the only difference was getting the coin and then hopping into the Krock and fighting K. Rool), so I did beat the game, it just took literally a years worth of time (most of them not even touching the game) to realize I was going after the wrong coin. I have a nice highscore in JetPack though :p
HuntMac said:
If that were true, then Dixie nor Tiny would have been in Diddy Kong Racing DS. Replacing two Rare characters for two more would be redundant... and 'illegal'? Not sure the right word, but otherwise Banjo and Conker would have been OK to leave in if that were the case.
Yeah, exactly. :p

Treasure Trawlers said:
Rare themselves said they have no clue why the game isn't on the VC! It has nothing to do with Jetpac
Nintendo can't use Banjo or Conker anymore, right?

Unless some joint agreement was put up.