Diddy Kong Racing


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Don't know if I should include it in here because it's a spin-off to the Donkey Kong Country series, BUT WHATEVER. =P

I have played this game numerous times and every time I do I enjoy it so much.

I guarantee Cook will post TT in this topic. =P

Too late. Anyway, my favs we're Krunch, Timber, and TT. A little off topic, but I thought this is we're TT's name origin. =P
Yea TT's name came up cause his initials are "tt" and then he "washere" so alas, ttwashere.

Anyways this was my first game...ever. I got this with my N64 and it was one helluva game. For a game that looks like a 5 year old can own it, it's pretty damn tough when you get to later parts. Then the 5 year olds start crying cause it's so tough.

Icicle Pyramid = Da Shit.
I really like this game and the hidden/last world of Whispig in space, the races were fun to play and very unique. Pipsy(I don't know how to spell it  :p) was one of my favorite characters since she was fast and I was good with it.

Also a bit off topic, but do you think we should also include DK64 and DK Barrel Blast?
I absolutely hate the fact that DKR was panned for being so much like MK64. The Adventure Mode? Missions? Tokens? Yep. Definitely Mario Kart.
I beat the original a few times. I loved Icicle Pyramid, it was three floors high and it could take a long time.

Anyway, I frequently used Pipsy here, because she had excellent acceleration and handling.

Wizpig was ridiculously easy in the second race, the first race was only a bit tougher.

As for the remake, I haven't played it much, but I didbring it with me to Lake Tahoe this year.

And I liked using the plane, it was fun navigating around.
Muggshotter said:
One of the few N64 games I remember playing as a child (note, that I never had an N64). Good times.

Good game. Definetly worth playing, even if just on an emulator. I have my doubts for the DS version, not because of the lack of Banjo and Conker.

Tiptup rules though.
I hated that they took out Banjo and Conker, easily the 2 most badass characters in the game cause of the Rare dilemma. ::) The DS version was pretty terrible compared to the original.
The DS one sucked only because Rare was going through a difficult move, ergo most of the orignal designers were replaced by newf**s. =P
Yoshi1 said:
Compared to the N64 one, the DS one was pretty bad. I did like the Wish Tracks though, the only good inclusion. And I really hated the Balloon Popping thing and the secret balloon that you had to draw in the sand.
1- Wish tracks were pretty lame, I loved drawing a track but it sucked that TT was the only one to race on it and he always fell off.
2- I have no clue why they replaced silver coin challenges with the balloon popping thing, it helped make the game way too easy.
3- It took me forever to figure out that you had to draw a balloon in the sand...