Decision Time!

Alright, one thing I should say about myself is that I'm horrible at making decisions. Most of the time I get an option to pick from 2 things (or more), I always end up regretting my decision and wishing I got the other thing instead.

Because of that, I decided to make this poll thread for you guys to help me decide what to do.

Anyway, today's topic is about replaying one of four of my old Wii games.

Super Paper Mario, because I want to see if I beat it a third time

Kirby's Return to Dreamland, because I need a good, fun, platformer to play with my friends

Super Smash Bros. Brawl, because I got bored of Smash 4, and want to revisit an older title.

And Sonic Colors, because I still need to collect all the Red Star Rings

Alright, that's all the games I'm planning on revisiting. The poll will last for 3 days, because I might be a bit busy for those 3 days.

Alright, I'm done talking for now. See ya.
Alright, time to add a new poll. This one's about which one out of these 3 games should I buy first when they come out.

Super Mario Maker, Those GameXplain videos did get me more interested in the game.

Yoshi's Woolly World, I was really excited for this game, but I kinda lost some interest in it after a small while. I still want it, though.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, A small part of me thinks that I might be in a sporty-mood when this game comes out.