December 2015

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FreezeFlame Galaxy said:
December 19, 2015:
Went to an indoor pool today for a Scuba diving session with my Boy Scout troop. (Yes Bowser, Boy Scouts can have fun too.)
At my old boy scout troop, all we did was talk about boring stuff and camp... They couldn't keep up with my merit badges; I only got one and up to Tenderfoot when I could've gotten it easily 6 months earlier. -_-

Camping just isn't my cup of tea, however. I tend to get homesick, and I don't think you wanna know what happened to me in 2012 while camping as a Webelo...
As promised...
December 24-25, 2015:
Lots of Christmas Parties. Overall had lots of fun.

Christmas 2015 Recap:
Got: The Lost Hero book
$20 cash
The Sword of Summer book
Camera drone
Lego set
Pocket Knife (BSA Official, nice)
Paper Airplane kit
3D Puzzle thingy (it's kind of a tradition, my Grandmother gives people these puzzles that you have to solve to get the real present, either 50 or 100 dollars.)

Christmas isn't over for me yet. My family opens the presents that we got each other on the 12th day of Christmas, so I'll update the list then.
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