December 2015

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December 3, 2015:
Got my regular work done, then downloaded and played Pokemon Picross

Lots happened. First of all, I met my newest villager (and you may just recognize him. :p)
BossBlitz said:
Sadly, the one villager left, which was Graham.
Anyways, I walked around town and ran into a very nice surprise:
Had no idea that you finished off paying for the bridge, BossBlitz, thanks.
Bowser498 said:
GrandStarGalaxy said:
...celebrated St. Nicholas Day.
Finally, somebody besides me! :D
What did you get?
Oranges (Traditional because back in the day you could only get fruit when it was in season where you lived, and oranges are in season during winter), micro candy cane, and chocolate coins. Nothing amazing, but the food the church had that day was good. And my sister made some peppermint bark.
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