Crystal Caves

Crystal Caves, the sixth level of Donkey Kong 64. Explore the chilly caves, cabins, and igloos. To the East leads you to the igloos, and to the West leads you to the cabins. It is a very wide area with shining crystals. Beware of the giant Kosha that sends the stalactites down.

This level, without question, is my favorite level of the game. I loved the igloos, going up high where the giant Kosha is, and exploring the cabins. For the igloos, all were easy except for Donkey Kong's section, where you had to navigate the maze that revolves around you. Getting hit takes away a whole melon, which is annoying. Getting everything in there without deaths is possible, but you got to be very careful. As for Donkey Kong in the cabin near Candy, where you rotate the cabin to smash the Kong panels, and the Battle Arena there, that was the fun part, and I liked the music there. One cabin with Diddy Kong is annoying: to kill all the enemies in 50 seconds. When I was younger, that took many tries. And the beetle returns here, but with Lanky Kong. The Lanky Kong mini-game in the small ice castle was loads of fun, too. I just liked everything in this level.

Yeah, probably one of my favorites, even the lobby is cool. The beetle in this one is great and chalenging: hophophophophophop says Lanky! It brings back a lot of memories. When stalactites are falling I always go underwater for some reason. :p. There's a lot of fun in this level. I have to agree with DK's igloo being the hardest. I also already wanted to make explode the rabbit, but I'm not evil enough, lol. Cabins were cool too, I liked the candle one with Diddy.
The Crystal Caves Lobby was cool, indeed. It only had one enemy, the Klasplat, for Lanky Kong, and I loved messing with him, lol. And two Golden Bananas there, too. Even you can fly in there as Diddy Kong. This area blocks you from entering Crystal Caves itself, unless you have 65 bananas.

Diddy Kong with the candles was fine as well, it was hard to turn on spot and light the candles up. Also, there was a hidden Banana Fairy, too.