Cruel Brawl

Anyone tried this mode out?

It's a really difficult mode because one powerful hit can get you K.O.ed and the fighters/alloys are no pushovers.

Getting 5 K.O.s in Melee is easy said than done, but getting 10 K.O.s in Brawl takes a while.

In Melee, I used Kirby's ground pound block move to put the hurt on the fighters, while in Brawl, I usually use Bowser to hold on to the edges of the stage and watch the stupid alloys commit suicide.
I used the ol' Jiggles method in both Melee and Brawl by floating under the stage and watching the dumbass Wire Frames/Polygons commit suicide on the edge.
I think Cruel Brawl is easier than Cruel Melee only for the fact that the Alloys are smaller.