Conker's bar

Conker said:
The bar is now co-owned by Kona, So get used to getting drugged.... Oh wait your drinking alcahol so i guess your allready getting drugged... Huh.

But it's alcohol-free.

Can't they read?!?!
Kona-chan said:
Lakilester said:
Kona-chan said:
Lakilester said:
I'll gladly take some red potion, whatever that is... ;)


You got 5 kinds of STD's!

You dirty whore you.
Wait, Conker didn't give it to me yet, so I'm OK. :)
Lakilester said:
Aegis, this is all your fault. *throws skeleton keys at you*

I'm leaving this bar, but I will come back and sue you soon enough! :mad:

Not so fast!

*locks door and windows*