Camelot President Would Like To Work On DK64 Sequel

Nintendo Everything said:
Out of Nintendo’s entire stable of franchises, Hiroyuki Takahashi has said that he’d be most interested in working on Donkey Kong.

The Camelot president told Nintendo Gamer in its July issue that the series “would prove really interesting” since its “games are full of surprises.” He pointed to Donkey Kong 64 specifically in his response.

Speaking of Donkey Kong 64, Takahashi noted that he “would love to make a sequel to it.”

Perhaps this could happen… one day. Camelot does have a pretty close relationship with Nintendo, though the company has mostly stuck to Mario Tennis and Golden Sun titles in recent years.

Basically, the president of Camelot, who recently worked on Mario Tennis Open, would like to work on a sequel to Donkey Kong 64.

I would love to see this happen. Donkey Kong 64 was a big and great collecting game back in the day. Nintendo should really let Camelot take a chance on this.