BREAKING DESU: Japan Bans Lolicon


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Once again, Japan is hating on foreign relations for no apparent reason (since the world basically likes Japan) and decides to make their manga/anime material more "kid-friendly", so to speak, to not only their homeland, but for their worldwide anime and manga distribution.

Basically, anime and manga won't have sexual acts provoked by violent tensions or "seducing" spells, and no Yuri, Yoai, or anything else will be permitted since Japan finally realizes that sex between little girls is just...well, strange, but STRANGELY EROTIC. There will be no more manga depicting "schoolgirl" outfits (for some stupid reason). No more guns are permitted either.

I personally think that this bill is utter bullcrap, and that Japan is becoming a second America by censoring the stupidest shit, like guns and SCHOOLGIRL OUTFITS. If this censorship goes on, I will lose all respect for the genre.
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I don't know what to say about this...but...BULLS**T!

Change what anime has been over the past[insert number of years here]? That's
Hey, c'mon now, I like my guro and utter nonsensical animu with nonsensical sexuality. Are they trying to fix their image here? Who cares, just keep things the way they were. I don't see the bill banning public nudity or preventing the purchase of used panties from a vending machine there [yes, this happens].
I doubt this was all Japan's fault. American and European markets are so strict with this kind of material that I bet they had some doings with the bill.

All I know is that this will hurt Japan's economy and social fanbase, since these genres are one of the top markets in the world.
If they pass a bill banning explicit content, these genres are now illegal.

Which still means it'll get distributed, but now it's like holding erotica manga you can actually go to jail for. It's Bull.
I can understand removing nudity but I don't think they can censor things like the following:


Its not meant to be "Stimulating." It's meant only as a comedy technique. The problems don't lie with anime/manga itself but in fan-hentai. If they want to get rid of their bad image, they should do something about their unlicensed usage of their characters. They don't need to make anime more kid-friendly. I think the fact that it's geared towards teens that keeps us watching. If you take out language, violence, and SC, many people just might stop watching.
What's ironic is that while Japan is pussifying their cartoons, American cartoons are getting more and more raunchy with every new hit. :U
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CatsAreWonderful said:

Ban me? Who gives a s***? I don't! I registered just so I could post this so I don't give a F*** if you ban me or not because I won't be back here, again. I just wanted to give you a bunch of s*** for your F***ed up attitudes
I don't even know what this topic is about but, just because some people have horrible opinions is not how you judge a forum, especially a good one like this.
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