Break The Targets/Board The Platforms


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I doubt most of you even know what Board The Platforms is because it only appeared in SS64.  :p

Anyways, 64 and Melee's Target Test kicked ass because everyone each had a unique Target Stage, and to get all of them, you had to rely on their special moves and such. Brawl's Target Test was terrible because they only had 5 Target Stages. Were they running out of ideas? Blow me.

Yeah, Board The Platforms was fun. Ninty didn't add it in Melee because of time constraints, but they wanted it to be implanted.
H-J カービイ said:
Platforms, VIP. Read. >_>

It was to do with one of the jumps from I think 4th or 5th platform.
Whoops, I didn't see the word platforms. Anyway, 4th or 5th you mean the ones that serve as an high-spped elevator that disappears and appears into the wall and out of the wall, respectively?

I don't see why they couldn't add just one stage to every character like they did with the last game. Who cares if it's 35 characters? If you done it with 25, you can definitely do it with 35. :p