Boundaries of Sisters

The Tsukumogami Incident has been resolved, but another case was opened. As a result of Shinmyoumaru Sukuna's Miracle Mallet, tsukumogami were being born. However, there was another effect that the three incident resolvers did not know of. The Miracle Mallet also created portals with every inanimate object becoming a tsukumogami. However, no one knew where in all of existence the portals would link Gensokyo to.

Until now.

Sanae Kochiya, the shrine maiden of Moriya, has invited Nitori Kawashiro, the kappa engineer of the Genbu Ravine, over to investigate the portal case. Nitori accepted the invitation, and is now ascending Youkai Mountain, encountering Momiji Inubashiri, Aya Shameimaru, and Hatate Himekaidou along the way. As Nitori explained that she was invited by Sanae, the tengu allowed her to proceed into the Moriya Shrine.

At the Moriya Shrine...

Nitori: So what's been happening?

Sanae: You haven't heard? There has been some mysterious holes opening up all around Gensokyo.

Nitori: I wonder what could cause such a thing?

Sanae: Well, during the Tsukumogami Incident, as my gohei seemed to be moving in an odd way, I looked out towards the Wind God's Lake and noticed a hole that was growing from seemingly nowhere.

Nitori: Hmm, come to think of it, I did see a hole near the Palace of the Earth Spirits. I wonder why would someone even bother opening a hole to visit the Komeiji sisters. I mean, who even admires them?

Sanae: Well, like them or not, if a hole appears in the underground mansion, then whoever is creating them is up to something rather suspicious. I think we should enter the hole in the lake and investigate what's going on.

Sanae and Nitori rush to the lake. As they approach the portal, it splits in two and Sanae and Nitori jump in different portals.


It was a nice, peaceful day in the Mushroom Kingdom. The sky was blue, the birds were chirping melodies, and the seas were calm.

At the Mushroom Therapy Center...
Toad Doctor: And done. You may now exit.

Toadette leaves the Mushroom Therapy Center.

Toadette: I wonder what they would do to my DNA data... It better be for good purposes, otherwise I would slap that doctor, and didn't that doctor look suspicious to me?

As Toadette left, the Toad Doctor snapped her fingers, and changed form. The Toad Doctor was actually Mitori Kawashiro, Nitori's older half-sister. With the DNA sample acquired from Toadette, she leaved the Mushroom Therapy Center, proceeded into Toad Town Tunnels where another hole was at, and jumped into the portal.


A human by the name of Fuhime was sentenced to exile by attempting to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom because she was not powerful enough. When the portals started to appear, she jumped into one of them, joined by her fellow rebel acquaintances, into the Palace of the Earth Spirits. Rin "Orin" Kaenbyou and Utsuho "Okuu" Reiuji attempted to subdue Fuhime's forces, but they were defeated.

Fuhime: So by extracting vim from 20,000 copies of this "Toadette" being and combining that with the energy of the satori, I could become invincible!

??: I think not.

Satori Komeiji and Koishi Komeiji confront Fuhime's forces.

Satori: You weren't invited here. Now leave at once!

Satori and Koishi fired a danmaku of energy blasts at Fuhime's group. Just then, Mitori emerged from a portal that opened, blocked all of the energy blasts from reaching Fuhime's forces, and using Standing Alone in the Underground Corner of the Earth, knocked the Komeiji sisters down. Fuhime then raised her arms and faced her palms towards the fallen sisters, and energy was sucked from the sisters into her entire self.

Fuhime: Excellent work, Mitori. With this DNA sample, we can carry out our plan. Once 20,000 copies have been extracted, nothing will get in my way of achieving absolute power!

Fuhime then gave out an evil laugh, and her forces and Mitori left, with Satori and Koishi laying down on the ground, beaten down. A Toad girl named Toadumi peeked out after Fuhime's forces left, and jumped into the portal. She had spied on Fuhime's plans the entire time.

Several hours later...

Fuhime and the first clone of Toadette are seen in a testing room.

Fuhime: So this all comes down to a battle to the death. I'll take that vim out of you!

Toadette 1: Challenge accepted.

Toadette 1 pulls out a pistol, and Fuhime follows suit by charging up energy. The two then fight. Toadette 1 tries to shoot Fuhime, but Fuhime deflects the bullet back. Toadette 1 is hit by the impact, and collapses. Vim starts to leak out of the clone.

Toadette 1: It's getting dark... I'm sinking down... It's very deep... Is this... death?

As the clone dies, Fuhime raises her arms and points her palms at the deceased clone, and vim slowly enters Fuhime's palms.  Once the last bit of vim is in Fuhime's body, she throws a fireball and burns the clone to cinders. She then lets out an evil laugh.

Several hours later, in Toad Town Alleys...

Toad: Ah, Toadette, we should probably go in there! It's a fast way to go to the castle!

Toad and Toadette enter the narrow alley, only to find some Toads inching through. Toad teleports the two to the top of a building until the coast is clear. Just as he teleports the two back down, he trips and notices a treasure chest hidden under a crack. Later, the two find out from Fern that there are a countless number of coins, coin bags, and treasure chests scattered around Toad Town's alleys, which could lead to riots.

Saffron: Toad, shouldn't we make sure that the alleys are secure?


The Mushroom Kingdom goes through a nanosecond-long shake as Sanae jumps out of the portal and finds herself in Toad Town. She looks around, and notices that Nitori is not with her. She searches across Toad Town for Nitori.

The rest of the Toad Brigade was called out by Princess Peach to investigate the scene. Just as they were searching for clues, a figure seemed to fall from the sky. It was headed towards Wolley!

Rosa: Wolley, look out!

Rosa used her psychokinesis to slow the descent of the figure. It was Nitori.

Burgundy: She looks rather nice. Don't you think?

The other Toads agreed. Burgundy then approached the girl and introduced the Toad Brigade. Nitori then introduced herself.

Later, Toadette is heading out to the shopping mall. Skye shows up, in search of the treasure. She takes Toadette to go treasure hunting with her.

Skye: I'll find a potload of treasure before you know it! I'm very good at solving rumors like this.

Meanwhile, Toad and Saffron are on their own investigations, tallying up how much treasure they collected. Toadette and Skye then depart ways, each with their collections. Unknown to them, Team 9 also shows up to gather treasure.

At night...

Skye sets up plans to hang out with Rosa. Meanwhile, at the alleys, a group of Goomba thugs enter a building where Toadumi is at. As they attempt to loot the area for treasure, one of them notices a mysterious badge which intimidates the thug.

Toadumi: So, you've been out for those?

The lights dim out, followed by some screaming. As the lights turn back on, Toadumi is seen standing while the thugs are knocked down. As she looks around, she notices Toadette, who has entered to try to help out, only to find out that Toadumi already cleared out the thugs.

Toadumi: So... you're... the original.

As Toadette and Toadumi meet up, Toadumi explains to Toadette that the reason she placed tons of treasures all over Toad Town Alleys was so that battles would not take place in them.

Toadumi: This building no longer serves a purpose. I'll be destroying it along with these documents.

As Toadumi burns the building down and the two escape, Toadette has uneasy thoughts in her mind. "Just what was Toadumi intended to do?" thought Toadette.

Unknown to the two Toads, a floating spider-like android was collecting information from the building. Once it has gathered and copied all data, it teleported out.

The android teleported to Nitori, who discovers that Toadumi is from Sarasaland, and that she is attempting to investigate the clone case. She sent the data into Sanae's tablet. Just as she was searching across Toad Town for Sanae, she bumped into Toadette. The two then introduced themselves.

Toadette: By the way, what's going on with that machine of yours?

Nitori: It's used to collect data without actually personally enter places. I just sent some information to Sanae and... Huh? Is there something wrong?

Toadette examined Nitori's machine, and found out about Toadumi's investigation of the clone case.

Toadette: I'll go investigate as well. If Toadumi's investigating, then something is definitely suspicious.

Nitori: Here, take this. It's a detection system that attaches to you, but only Sanae and I are able to make detections. If you need some assistance, send me a signal and we'll discuss what has been happening.

As Toadette and Nitori depart ways, Toadette breaks into the Kinzoku Kinoko Pharmacology building. Using the scanner she acquired from Nitori, she investigates the building and notices that the scanner could not pick up one area. She heads for it, and as she arrives, spots some Toad-sized cultivation tanks. She then reads a report in a nearby computer's data.

"Only the pink associate of the highest servant of the Mushroom Kingdom has vim strong enough to increase the invincibility of whoever possesses it in a body. However, since the original pink Toad did not have enough vim to achieve absolute invincibility, a multitude of clones were created in the Shimuteki Project. This process was achieved through the data from the Mushroom Kingdom's strongest computer, the No No Hoshi, hidden below Peach's Castle with a secret entrance on the first floor. These clones are significantly weaker than the original, having only 3/5 of the original's power. By extracting vim from all of these clones, along with energy from the satori of the palace, absolute invincibility could be achieved."

Toadette, filled with shock, speechlessness, disgust, and despair, sets out to collect more information on the Shimuteki Project, and find the culprit who could attempt to gain absolute power, unaware that it is Fuhime.

Back in the tank room, another clone looking like Toadette emerges from her tank and is sent to another area to receive the same knowledge that the original has. Unknown to her, Sanae investigates the case, hearing that the clone she saw is the 9982nd one to be created. As the clone leaves the laboratory, Sanae inspects another room and notices soot and ash. She calls up Nitori and explains her sightings.

9982: Older sister...

Just as Toadette is taking a stroll around Toad Town, she feels a mysterious power. She rushes over to where the power source is coming from, and sees 9982. The clone then turns her head, looking at her older original, who has a shocked look on her face.

As Toadette and 9982 meet, a cat is seen on top of a tree. Just then, a ball of energy flies right at the two, who dodge it.

??: So Fuhime told me about you.

Toadette: Who's there?

Just then, a mushroom youkai emerged from the smoke.

Ominous Mushroom From the Forbidden Forest
Hokuna Kinorai

Hokuna: You're that girl who possesses the energy that can make power absolute.

Toadette: And just what are you intending to use it for?

Hokuna: Hmph. Like I'd even tell you.

9982: Just who is this creep?

Toadette: I don't know who she is, but I know she's up to something suspicious.

Hokuna: You look so determined. Well, that won't last for long when you get intoxicated by my spores!

Hokuna unleashes Spore Sign "Rotting Mushrooms" at Toadette, who counters with Electric Sign "Cell Charger." Hokuna then tries Mushroom Sign "Traumatizing Spores," but that also gets broken. As a desperate attempt, Hokuna unleashes Poison Sign "Kinoko's Foot in the Disintegration." Toadette fires Volt Sign "Shocking Blink," which breaks through the toxins and knocks out Hokuna.

Toadette: Just what was that mushroom up to? And just who is this Fuhime she was talking about?

9982: ...She's the one collecting vim from someone who looks just like you.

Toadette: Then she's the culprit! How do I bring her to her downfall?

9982: PUP737AQC525TCW929.

Toadette: ...?

9982: That will give you the answers.

The clock then strikes 20:50.

9982: It is time for me to proceed with the project. Farewell, Onee-sama.

9982 leaves from Toadette, who has a speechless look on her face.

The clock strikes 21:00.

Toadette is seen in a corner, using her PDA to investigate more information on the project. She finds out that a battle for the project is taking place at this moment. Desperate, Toadette rushes on a search for 9982.

Elsewhere, Fuhime and 9982 are in a fight to the death. 9982 has been seriously injured by Fuhime.

Fuhime: Your attempts to fight back are futile. Now your vim will be mine!

9982: Ngh... This is not over yet...

9982 tries to detonate a nearby bomb, but the explosion is cancelled out. She tries to fire a bolt at Fuhime, but Fuhime returns the shock back to 9982. Fuhime then yanks 9982's left leg from her body.

Meanwhile, Toadette rushes to where the explosive noise was heard, and sees a beaten 9982. She watches in distress as Fuhime summons a train carriage to smash 9982's life away.

Toadette: NOOOOO!

Toadette, fueled with a large amount of rage, charges at Fuhime, who has just finished sapping the last of 9982's vim. She charges her fists with electricity as an attempt to avenge her deceased sister.

Toadette fires Volt Sign "Shocking Rays", but Fuhime is unscathed. Toadette then tries Electric Sign "Cell Charger," but it also gets nullified.

Fuhime: Oh, I get it! This wasn't part of the plan, so I was a bit surprised. You're... the Original, aren't you? The clones are substitutes for the original. Meaning, if I kill you, it's gonna shorten this tedious work. I was getting pretty tired of it. Entertain me, Ms. Original.

Toadette's fists spark with electricity.

Toadette: Just how could you be commiting these abominable acts? What are you trying to achieve?

Fuhime: Reason? You want my reason? Well... I want absolute power. I want power so absolute that just opposing me would be unimaginable. I want to be unmatched.

Toadette: Atrocities like you just sicken me. People who desire absolute power like you cause lots of misery. I will take back what you stole by a multitude of your acts, and you will get sent to the Yama!

Toadette unleashes Volt Sign "Shocking Blink," only for it to be reflected of Fuhime. Fuhime then approaches Toadette, preparing to strike. Just as she was readying her attack, Mitori shows up, disguised as Yuugi.

Mitori: I'm afraid we can't kill her now. Doing so would undermine the success of the project.

The three then depart ways. Toadette laments in her mind about how she cannot stop Fuhime's mass murder for absolute power for herself.

The next morning, Toadumi approaches Toadette.

Toadette: This horrible calamity... Why cannot I stop it? Fuhime... if only I haven't given the doctor my DNA... These killings are just so wrong and despicable!

Toadumi: So you are struggling to endure your pain... I admit, we're all crazy, but distinguishing right from wrong is comoletely different. Let's say that a cure for Issankin is possible with a shard, but to get it, 20,000 rats would have to die. I'm sure you're thinking that there'd be no other choice. Rats aren't people, but they are lives. These sisters of yours are seen in Fuhime's researchers as mere rats, and sure, they work on it out of personal greed. And there are some who really have a few screws loose. But they don't think what they're doing is murder. I was the same. But as I discovered that your sisters have more potential than being merely energy sources, I knew I have to take action. I'll try my best to save your precious ones.

Later, Toadette hangs out with Toad, Skye, and Saffron.

Toad: Why has Toadette been down so recently?

Skye: I think a trip to the arcade would bring her up.

The other Toads agree with Skye's decision.

Skye: Just don't forget this: We're here for you. If you can't handle it yourself, just tell us whenever.

Later, the Toads leave the arcade. Toadette departs ways from the other Toads. Just as she was walking, she met Nitori once more.

Nitori: Toadette, you seem to be concerned about your sisters and how they are being killed as time passes.

Toadette: Just who do you think I am? I sowed the seeds and I'm now setting out to burn the crops.

Nitori: I want to see your sisters live with joy and freedom. I will fight alongside you and help stop this project!

Nitori, using her PDA, searches for the facilities in the Mushroom Universe where the projects take place, and hacks their systems, shutting them down.

Toadette, who has jumped through a portal earlier in this day, is at Misty Lake, searching for the facilities located in Gensokyo. Just as she is heading closer to one, an oily bubble flies right at her, barely missing.

??: Trying to stop these projects, aren't you?

The oily bubble then disintegrates, revealing a coral youkai.

Coral Polluted with Power Thirst
Puransen Fuhango

Puransen: I'll just have to slow your time down.

Toadette: Like you'll even stop me.

Puransen: Now, oil plankton! Show this land fool how it feels to get snatched!

Puransen starts by firing Plankton Sign "Oily Sea Insect Swarm," but Toadette breaks the spell using Volt Sign "Shocking Rays." Puransen then tries Algae Sign "Wrapped Sea Plant Salad," but that spell is also broken. She then attempts to use Kelp Sign "Forest of the Haunted Sealife," only for it to be broken as well. She tries Coral Sign "Pipes of the Coral," but it is also laid to waste. As a last resort, she unleashes Current Sign "Rapids with Oily Water." Toadette fires Volt Sign "Shocking Blink," which seperates the compounds and knocks out Puransen.

Toadette: Now then, time to get out of this slippery mess!

Toadette, using her detector, finds one of the facilities of the project. She extracts all of the data of the project from the facility's database, implants a bomb in the facility, then escapes out. As she swims towards Misty Lake's surface, the facility explodes.

Meanwhile, Toadumi extracts the data from another facility below the Scarlet Devil Mansion's basement, and shuts it down. She then heads off for another facility hidden in Hakugyokurou. In the facility, she notices 19090 being stationed, along with a computer transmitting data to her. Using her drive, she attempts to install data that would turn up the emotions of Toadette's sister clones. Just as she was checking for any spies, a scorpion youkai approaches Toadumi.

Scorpion That Stalks the Dark
Hikori Ketoiru

Hikori: So my predictions were correct. There is a multifacility attack.

Toadumi: And just what are your intentions? Do you not see the harm the project has done?

Hikori: I'll tell you the answer once I send you to the dust.

Hikori unleashes Sting Sign "Venom in the Pointed Glands." Toadumi retaliates with Mind Sign "Fingerprints in the Traumas," which cancels out Hikori's spell and knocks her down.

In another facility in an underground area under the Human Village, Nitori infiltrates the facility for data on the project. Just as she is extracting data, she is confronted by a doll youkai.

Ominous Tsukumogami Doll Servant
Ningsuto Fukkocha

Ningsuto: Who dare trespasses on this facility?

Ningsuto casts Bomb Sign "Explosive Figures," only for Nitori to latch onto a wall using her Extending Arm. Nitori then detaches herself and lands back on the floor.

Nitori: If you wanted me to fall, you should've rebuilt this whole building with walls as far away as possible. Now, reveal who you are working with!

Ningsuto: Who cares? The client's goals? Whether the target's good or bad? The kind of a life they led? Basically, that stuff... doesn't matter. You still don't get it? You know those stories where the hunter becomes the hunted?

The two begin to fight. Ningsuto casts Doll Sign "Threads of Strangulation," but Nitori breaks the spell using Optics "Optical Camouflage."

Ningsuto: Curse thy own indolence! Thou hast no shield nor defensible position! If thou canst escape, escape, I say!

Nitori: And just what are you planning on doing with the pink mushroom's sisters?

Ningsuto: Once the powerful being has wiped all of them from existence, I would gather some power from her to have my revenge against Gensokyo's humans and have them be my slaves. Power leads to complacency!

Ningsuto tries Doll Sign "Wounds of Spidery Silk Weaven," only for it to be broken by Nitori's Optics "Hydro Camouflage."

Nitori: Absolute power... Power-hungry dolls like you ought to be incinerated. Don't you even care about your own master? She's the one that brought you from the manufacturers and spent some enjoyable times with you! And yet you lust power so much to take over her life? Do you have a death wish?

Ningsuto: Looks like you think I've got a death wish! I've been in this business long enough! Think I'd last if I was scared of dying?! As if! Not a chance. I'd rather die alone than along with you!

Ningsuto fires Bomb Sign "Petit Doll Barrage," but Nitori cancels the barrage with Flood "Ooze Flooding."

Ningsuto: I said I never care about my target's life. But when I'm going in for the kill, sometimes I think about it. The moment when I take that life. I control my target's fate. Basically, they were born to be killed by me! Now, let me hear that final, desperate scream that I love!

Nitori: Born to be killed? Accepting some fate without trying to escape, struggling, or searching for help? Accepting it like it's perfectly natural? What is wrong with you?!

Ningsuto unleashes Explosive Sign "Atomic Doll Fission." Nitori retaliates with Bubble Sign "Fire! Bubble Dragon," which destroys the atomic dolls and knocks Ningsuto down. Nitori finishes extracting data from the facility, and as she prepares to exit, she is met by Mitori.

Mitori: Long time no see, sister.

Nitori and Mitori face each other.

Crimson Grudge Hiding In the Abyss
Mitori Kawashiro

Mitori: It's a one-way street ahead. I do not know what you hope to find here.

Nitori: Just why are you doing this, sister?

Mitori: I have never had such a sorry rat of a sister like you.

Nitori: Mitori, acting as self-centered as usual. I will fix up your attitude once I find out who you're involved with.

Mitori: Not a chance, naive sis. I will not say who is with me. And I will prohibit you from going any further!

Nitori and Mitori then fire danmaku at each other. After several spellcards are broken, Mitori unleashes Red Kappa "Prohibitory Signboard." Nitori pulls out her Super Scope 3D, destroys the signboard, and shoots a blast of energy at Mitori, knocking her down. Nitori then uses her key to break Mitori's lock, and teleports her out of the facility before leaving with all of the data.

The next day, Toadette has jumped out of a portal and is at Toad Town at this time. Just then, she spots Sanae, who turns around and notices her.

Sanae: Are you... Toadette?

Toadette: What... do you mean?

10031 approaches the two. Toadette is shocked.

Sanae: Two Toadettes? What are you going to do?

Toadette: I'll do something fundamentally detrimental.

Sanae then leaves and meets up with 10032. The two then form a friendship.

Later on, Toadette infiltrates the second-highest facility of the project. As she enters the computer room, she notices that it has already been shut down. As she exits, her detector points out another facility nearby. She enters it, shocking the security androids trying to stop her.

Meanwhile, 10031 confronts Fuhime and battles with her. 10031 tries to shoot her, but her attacks are deflected. Fuhime then pins 10031 to the ground.

As the two fight, Sanae rushes towards the starting source of the battle after noticing that 10032 is not with her.

Toadette oversees the battle with anxiety from a camera view.

Fuhime: Your vim is now my vim!

Fuhime stabs 10031, and vim drenches the camera.

Toadette: NOOOOO!

Toadette trembles at what she saw, and breaks down in tears.

Sanae finds the place where Fuhime and 10031 fought, and has a shocked look on her face, noticing 10031's body. She hears Fuhime from the distance.

Fuhime: Another one of the pink clones down, still many more to go.

Sanae rushes to Toadette's house to gather as much information as possible. She realizes that by extracting the vim from 20,000 clones of Toadette, along with using energy from the satori, one can achieve absolute power. She learns that the next battle will happen at midnight, and sets out to warn Toadette.

Later that night, Toadette sets out to the alleys, meeting Sanae.

Sanae: Toadette... we need to stop for a while.

Toadette: My sisters... being used for machines for absolute power... they are being used for a wrong purpose! I must succumb to this fate instead.

Sanae: Yeah, they are wrong. There's no reason for someone to get hurt by that. But... the way you're handling it won't save you. That's why I'm not moving.

Toadette: Even if there was a world where everyone could live happily, I would have no place there!

Sanae: But your sisters... how will they be able to enjoy life with you?

Toadette: One life does not matter compared to 20,000 others!

Sanae: Toadette... you don't have to hand yourself over.

Toadette shocks Sanae with enough force that she gets knocked down. Sanae later regains consciousness.

Toadette: You really are stupid. This has nothing to do with you. Just close your eyes and pretend like you never saw anything. You could still go back to your ordinary life. Why would you let yourself get beat up like this? Your heart might've stopped for a bit too. How can you keep smiling like that?!

Sanae: Because I'm glad to be your friend.

Toadette has a speechless look on her face.

Sanae: Now Fuhime is the strongest human in the Mushroom Kingdom. Well, if she was defeated by someone who isn't even in the same universe as her, then I'm sure the project would be disintegrated. So... how about you help me, then? It's my dream to go back home smiling, without having lost anything. So help me fulfill that. Just wait here. I'll bring back younger Toadette. I promise.

Sanae leaves to confront Fuhime, leaving Toadette in tears of concern.

Sanae checks her watch, which says 12:00 AM. She rushes towards the area where Fuhime and 10032 are fighting, with 10032 being seriously injured. She confronts Fuhime, who is about to stab 10032.

Sanae: Get away from Imoko this instant!

Fuhime: You random rat heard about this? Does that mean I have to silence whoever knows that secret? Like in every movie ever?

Sanae: I said, get away from Imoko this instant! Did ya hear me, you friggin wimp?!

The Abomination of the Kingdom's Traitors
Fuhime Zettekara

Fuhime: So, you're this rat's friend, huh? Let's see how long that friendship would last!

Fuhime throws 10032, aka Imoko, away from Sanae. Sanae uses her power to create miracles to summon a cotton mountain and soften Imoko's fall. She then approaches Imoko.

Imoko: Why... are you doing this? We are just disposable chemical cocktails.

Sanae: I don't care about you having an artificial body or an artificial mind. I'm here to save you, the only you in this world. I have a lot to complain about to you too, so don't die on me.

Sanae sets out to fight Fuhime.

Sanae: Killing 20,000 clones of the pink mushroom to acquire absolute power...

Fuhime: Ah, so lovely, hearing the shrieks of so many rats.

Sanae: I'm gonna beat you up so bad that you won't lay a finger on another sister.

Toadette sets out to the switchyard. As Sanae and Fuhime fight, Fuhime uses Bullet Sign "Psycho Crusher," but Sanae blocks the attack and knocks Fuhime to the ground.

Sanae: You got involved with something you shouldn't have. The sisters are doing the best they can to live. They're doing everything they possibly can to live! Why do they have to be fodder for someone like you?

Fuhime: I need power. Power to shut her up. No. Power to control all rules and reason. Absolute power!

Fuhime gets up and unleashes Tornado Sign "Gales of the Dragons," throwing Sanae towards a wall. Fuhime then gathers the storms of the Mushroom World together, and forms an energy sphere. Just as she prepares it, she is confronted by Toadette.

Toadette: Absolute power... You've now turned youkai! Don't you care about anything else other than power?

Toadette then spots Imoko lying on the ground. She holds her arm, only to discover it slowly cooling.

Toadette: I know I'm asking for the impossible, and I know how cruel it is to even ask. But... there's something I want you to do. No, it's something only you can do! So please! I beg you! Protect her dream!

Imoko rises up.

Imoko: I... do not... understand. I don't understand what you're saying, but... for some reason... those words... rang in my heart.

Boundaries of Sisters Final Battle Music - Clouds Over the Moon, Flowers In the Wind

月には叢雲 華には風と
朧深に隠れた 焦燥

Tsuki ni wa murakumo hana ni wa kaze to
Oboromi ni kakureta shousou

Like clouds over the moon, and wind over the flowers
Lie my impatience lurking in haze

Nitori is in the Palace of the Earth Spirits, approaching the fallen Satori and Koishi.

Nitori: Please, Satori, help us...

Satori regains consciousness, turns towards Nitori and smiles, as Nitori uses her tracking device to search for satori energy.


Mabuta yakitsuita kao
Rikaisha no akashi sae

The face which is burned into my eyelids
Even with this sign of who understands me

Fuhime gloats about her power over a collapsed Sanae.

Fuhime: Amazing! It's as if this were a part of my body! It's like moving my arms and legs! This is what it's like to take control of all space. With this gathering of all of the Mushroom World's storms, I can be invincible! Ain't that right, scumbag? And to return the favor, I'll erase every last-

刹那、退屈の隙間贖い 心燻り

Setsuna, taikutsu no sukima aganai kokoro kusuburi
Fuan wo umidashita

In an instant, I redeemed from the gap between laziness, my heart smolder
Giving birth to anxiety

Just then, the disastrous storm starts to fade away.

Fuhime: What's going on? The storm's dissipating? What's with this fading? Current manipulation? No...

芽生えた恋情 譲る気は無い

Moumoku kieta yasuragi ni deatte
Mebaeta renjou yuzuru ki wa nai

Meeting the relief with blindness disappeared
I am not going to give up the passion of love arising inside me

Fuhime: (There are light specks in the sky? It's them! They're doing it to disrupt my destruction. She's sending information to the rest by some power!) I'll crush you!

Toadette: I won't let you!

月には叢雲 華には風と
此方より彼方へ永久 築けぬなら
雲突き抜け 風斬り裂いて
久遠の揺蕩いへ 誘う

Tsuki ni wa murakumo hana ni wa kaze to
Konata yori kanata e eikyuu kizukenu nara
Kumo tsukinuke kaze kirisaite
Kuon no tayutai e izanau

Like clouds over the moon, and wind over the flowers
If I couldn't build it from here to there, for eternity
I will tempt you, to the never-ending drift of waves
Breaking through clouds, and piercing through winds

Fuhime turns to Toadette.

Fuhime: I don't get it. Why are you and that rat bleeding over there protecting these rats? They're just a bunch of failed attempts to duplicate you. You must hate them more than anyone else. Don't like seeing me break something with your face? Not a good reason to risk your life, though.


Yubi to yubi ga karamari
Kudoku wo karashite yuku

With our fingers interlacing
We give death to the loneliness

Toadette blocks Fuhime's way of striking Imoko.

Toadette: I couldn't care less about being a god. And I don't think I can make up for my losses by doing this either. She's my sister. They're all my sisters. That's all there is to it.

互いの意思を 繋ぐ要にして

Shinshi yue no omoi no katayori wa
Tagai no ishi wo tsunagu kaname ni shite

For our honesty creating the inclination of feelings
Make them a base to connect our wills

Toadette turns to Imoko.

Toadette: I'm sorry. I know I have no right to call myself your sister, but... will you let me stand up for you now?

Imoko: Y...Yes...

僅かな終焉の予感じゃ 千切れはしない

Doku ni mo nita kono kizuna wa
Wazuka na shuuen no yokan ja chigire wa shinai

The bond we have, like a poison
Not a single hunch of an ending, would tear it to pieces

Toadette: No one's dying on my watch!

月には叢雲 華には風と
たとえ愛の唄が永久 届かぬとも
待ち続けよう 輪廻の時を
慈しむ心に 誓って

Tsuki ni wa murakumo hana ni wa kaze to
Tatoe ai no uta ga eikyuu todokanu to mo
Machi tsudzuke you rin'ne no toki wo
Itsukushimu kokoro ni chikatte

Like clouds over the moon, and wind over the flowers
Even if my song of love could not be reached, for eternity
I will be waiting, until the time of reincarnation
Promising, to my loved heart

Fuhime: Oh, man! And here I was expecting an actual reason from you. Playing sisters? Retarded. You won't let me kill anyone? Who do you think you are? There's nothing you can do to stop me. But you're annoyin' me now, so I'll just kill you both right here.

芽生えた恋情 譲る気は無い

Moumoku kieta yasuragi ni deatte
Mebaeta renjou yuzuru ki wa nai

Meeting the relief with blindness disappeared
I am not going to give up the passion of love arising inside me

A beam of light emerges, and envelopes Sanae, who re-emerges. Toadette gasps in shock at a revived Sanae, now wearing a golden robe.

月には叢雲 華には風と
此方より彼方へ永久 築けぬなら
雲突き抜け 風斬り裂いて
久遠の揺蕩いへ 誘う

Tsuki ni wa murakumo hana ni wa kaze to
Konata yori kanata e eikyuu kizukenu nara
Kumo tsukinuke kaze kirisaite
Kuon no tayutai e izanau

Like clouds over the moon, and wind over the flowers
If I couldn't build it from here to there, for eternity
I will tempt you, to the never-ending drift of waves
Breaking through clouds, and piercing through winds

Fuhime leaps into the cloudy sky, charging an energy blast. Sanae follows suit and breaks the spell. Fuhime and Sanae fire danmaku at each other.

Fuhime: You persistent rat! You will never be able to break through me! I am absolute!

Sanae: So you think you are. You won't be for long. With the power from my friends, I will send you out of the chains of your selfish desires.

月には叢雲 華には風と
たとえ愛の唄が永久 届かぬとも
待ち続けよう 輪廻の時を
慈しむ心に 誓って

Tsuki ni wa murakumo hana ni wa kaze to
Tatoe ai no uta ga eikyuu todokanu to mo
Machi tsudzuke you rin'ne no toki wo
Itsukushimu kokoro ni chikatte

Like clouds over the moon, and wind over the flowers
Even if my song of love could not be reached, for eternity
I will be waiting, until the time of reincarnation
Promising, to my loved heart

Fuhime: Enough! This ends now! Bow down to your new ruler!

Fuhime unleashes Corruption Sign "Wrath of the Near Absolute." Sanae casts Esoterica "Nine Character Pierce." As the two attacks collide, energy leaks out of Fuhime, and she loses control of her spell and gets knocked down and fades into the clouds.

As morning rises, Toadette visits Sanae in the Moriya Shrine.

Sanae: Toadette... the project... has been disintegrated.

Toadette: Who knew that giving my DNA map would lead to this....

Sanae: If you hadn't given them access to your DNA map, your sisters would never have been born. There was a lot wrong with that project, but the fact that your sisters were born is something to be proud of. If they hadn't been born, then they'd never have known happiness or pain. And I'm sure that they don't want to see you so down over it.

As Toadette heads over to Peach's Castle, she spots Imoko sitting under a tree.

Imoko: It's strange. I was meant to die during last night's experiment. This was an expected outcome that had already been repeated 10,000 times. But even so... At this very moment, I am still alive. All of us created for the purpose of being killed. That was our sole reason for existence. The reason we were created. But because of you and that miko, we have lost that reason. Downsizing. Unemployment. Roaming the streets without purpose. So... please stay with me, and help me find a reason to exist...

Toadette: I'll find that reason for you, Imoko.