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I first watched this while Toonami was still airing on Cartoon Network. Ironically, it was one of the first shows that got me into anime next to Astro Boy. =P

What can I say about this one? Just total genius. I literally laugh my ass off everytime I see an episode of it. Having the plotline concerning about an evil Hair Hunt gang shaving off people's hair and causing total mayhem is just epic. =P
Yep. One of the classics (manga began in 2001 and the anime followed suit in 2003).

It's definitely hilarious. I'd pick this over Family Guy anyday. =P
I was, like, thee supporter of this manga when it first came out. It was only released as a stand alone issue (no vol. number) and I read and enjoyed that one issue to hell, and when I got J!US that was the first set I went after. Some years later they released another issue of it (Vol. 1) and I bought that but never finished it all because I had no clue where this was at in the storyline. There is no way this is actually "Vol. 1" because Gasser is on the "dark side" and shit. I'm just like, "WTF is this nonsense?" I even have the Shonen Jump issue (I used to have a subscription for... 4 years) where it had the "original" Bo-Bobo storyline :p I have like 3 different arcs/area of the storyline and have no way to figure which goes where (except I think Gasser is the most recent as a "twist" or something). But I don't really mind the random way they released the storylines just because the actual storyline is that crazy anyway.

I'm sure I could go to some website and actually read them in order but I told myself I would actually catch up on One Piece first since I rage quit on that some years ago.