Board Quality Notice

I'm so happy and very excited that we're finally able to create (yes, it's not a dream!), but I have noticed that in the rush to get custom boards added to our database, we've put board quality in the backseat.  So here are a few pointers to keep in mind while you create your boards:

  • Create your own background. Unless you have a high quality background from a different game and a very good idea, these boards come off as blurry or pixelated and path layouts feel very unnatural.
  • Plan your path layout first, not the background. Figure out the gimmicks of your board first, then think of a theme and background details.
  • Test out your board. See what works, what doesn't. Make sure things like visiting Boo can't be abused or Star locations are properly distributed.
  • Post your work-in-progress boards on the Forum to get feedback and suggestions.

Basically, if your board took less than 5 minutes to make, there's a problem! We'll be doing a topic on ways to create backgrounds as well, but that will come later!​