Blue Skyes

Part 1: I'd Like You to Meet

It was one peaceful day in the Mushroom Kingdom, and Toadette was just hanging out with her friend Skye, when Toad and Yvan (Blue Toad) were approaching.

Toadette: Oh look it's Toad and Yvan! I invited a friend of mine to play some tennis and I'd like you to meet her! This is Skye. Skye, I'd like you to meet Toad and...

Skye: Oh no need to give any details, I already know Toad.

Toadette: How?

Skye: I was kidnapped by some shadowy figures. They tried using me as a vessel for their "queen," but Toad stepped in and rescued me from those creeps!

Toad: Heh, heh...

Toadette: So he did, didn't he? Funny how you didn't mention that to me. This is Yvan, a member of the Toad Brigade.

Yvan was already packing some affection. Love at first sight!

Toadette: Yvan? Yvan? YVAN!

Yvan: What?

Toadette: This is Skye.

Skye: Hi!

Yvan's faced turned red.

Yvan: It's a pleasure to meet you, Skye, heh. That's a nice name. I've heard it before, probably because it's the name of the atmosphere above, not that I fly or anything...

Skye: ...OK.

Yvan started to sweat, while Toad started snickering.

Toadette: Well then, let's play some tennis!

Toad: You two go ahead, we'll be there in a minute.

Toadette: OK.

Toadette and Skye headed off to Peach Dome, meanwhile Toad teased Yvan, who is hiding his face with his cap.

Toad: That was the funniest moment I had all week, I wish I had the video camera!

Part 2: Yvan: Accepted!

Toad: You like her, don't you?

Yvan: Yes...

Toad: Why don't you ask her out?

Yvan admitted his timidity to Toad, while Toad encouraged him to give it a try. He knew the same scenario when he dealt with Toadette. He approached Skye, feeling nervous. Come on, you can do this! shouted an image of Toadette in his mind.

Skye: Oh hey Yvan, what's going on?

Yvan stopped to think of a way to satisfy Skye, his face turning red.

Yvan: So do you want to go to the movies?

Skye knew that Yvan was taking her on a date.

Skye: Sure! How about Sunday at 8PM?

Yvan: Sounds great! So what movie do you want to see?

Skye: I'd like to watch some Lucky Star. I've been hearing some great compliments about that movie.

Yvan's timidity faded.

Yvan: Oh yea, Lucky Star! I've watched every single episode of the series, and they're actually good, unlike most cartoons we get nowadays. They're making a movie? i have to watch it! Sunday at 8PM it is then. Well, I have to go now, see you!

Skye: OK, I'll see you!

Toad: So how'd it go?

Yvan: She said YES!
Part 3: First Hangover

Yvan approached Skye's house, and with great confidence and some flowers, knocked on the door.

Yvan: I got some flowers for you Skye!

Skye: Aw thanks. So are you ready to watch Lucky Star tonight?

Yvan: Yes, I'm ready!

After watching Lucky Star...

Skye: Ah, the stars shining so bright in the sky... so nice!

Yvan: Yes, and there are so many constellations... Oh look, that one looks like Mario!

After the talk about constellations and some other stuff that I'm not gonna bother putting into the story...

Skye: *yawn* Boy I feel tired...

Yvan: Me too...

Skye and Yvan said their goodbyes for the day, and went to their houses to rest for the next day.

The next day...

Skye: What a beautiful morning... I could spend some time at the park with Yvan!

Skye opened her house door, not knowing what was about to happen.

Snifit #1: Here she comes...

Snifit #2: Booster will be shocked at this marvelous sight!

Snifit #3: Shut up! She'll hear us! OK, when I give the signal, we stuff her in this bag!

Skye walked down the house stairs, preparing herself for another day with Yvan.

Snifit #3: NOW!

The three Snifits ambushed Skye, and stuffed her in the bag.

Skye: AIYEE!

Snifit #3: Booster will be waiting for this girl in his tower! And will he be ecstatic!

The three Snifits left, carrying the bag with Skye... Will Yvan find out?
Part 4: New Super Yvan Bros.

Yvan then proceeded to leave the house and start the day, when suddenly...

Lakitu: Terrible news! A blue-capped girl got kidnapped by three Snifits and now they're heading to Booster Tower!

Yvan, hearing the news, knew that he was headed off on another adventure.

Yvan: I need a power-up to get me there fast!

A ? Block appeared above Yvan. He hit the block and got a Super Acorn, turning him into Flying Squirrel Yvan.

Yvan: If I saved the princess two times from Bowser, I can surely save Skye from some "Booster" bone!

Yvan then took off for Booster Tower.

Meanwhile, at Booster Tower...

Skye: What the? Just who are you and where am I, creep?

Snifit #3: I'm one of Booster's Snifits, and you're in Booster Tower.

Skye: You moron! Why should I marry Booster? I like Toads, real Toads! Shouldn't you be in bed?

Snifit #3: I don't have a bed time because Booster never sets one! And Booster is so much better than that blue kid of yours!


Snifit #3: Just go with Booster when he comes!

Skye: Hmph. Make me.

Snifit: #3: Fine. I'll just leave you here to think about it...

As soon as the Snifit left, Skye used her Skye Shock to free herself from her bondings as she sought for the tower's exit...

At the lobby...

Snifit #1: So how'd it go?

Snifit #3: This girl is nothing like Princess Peach... Bugger!

...why? Seriously? Why?
Part 5: The Blue Rescue

At Booster Tower...

Yvan: Just what is this place?

Just as he was infiltrating the tower, he confronted many of Booster's security forces, including Bob-ombs, Rob-ombs, Remo Cons, Orb Users, Fireballs, Chomps, and Jesters, but he quickly froze them with his Ice Storm. After passing through Booster's defenses, he met up with Skye in Booster's doll room.

Yvan: Skye! Are you OK?

Skye: What? Hey, get lo... oh it's you Yvan. I thought you were one of the Snifits!

Yvan and Skye headed out into the balcony. There, Skye spotted a ? Block and retrieved a Super Acorn, turning her into Flying Squirrel Skye.

Skye: Thank goodness you came! Now let's get out before...

Snifit #3: HALT!

The three Snifits confronted the two Toads.

Snifit #3: So this is where you brats are. Hand over the girl, and no harm will come to you.

Yvan: No way! I will not let you do anything to my friend Skye! I'm taking her out to where she belongs, and I will not let total goons like you use her as some doll for your stupid master!

Snifit #3: Grrr... I've had enough talking! Snifits, attack!

The Snifits fired gunk balls at the two Toads.

Skye: What should we do?

Yvan: We'd better fight back if they want a fight! It's our only way out!

Skye: OK... I trust in you, Yvan.

Yvan and Skye, using a combined Ice Storm/Skye Shock, knocked the three Snifits out in one hit.

Yvan: Phew, that was close! Now let's leave before Booster sees us!

Skye: Wait, just one more thing to do.

Skye proceeded to kiss Yvan on the cheek, then the two hugged each other. After the moment of comforting each other, the two glided off Booster Tower back to Toad Town.


Snifit #3: What to do... I'll never get my wages for this...

Booster approached the three defeated Snifits, with a shocked look on his face.

Booster: Hey! What're ya slackers doin'?

Snifit #3: We let a potential playmate get away... Her acquaintance took off with her! They're over there!

The Snifit pointed to the two Toads, but Booster did not see Skye's face and instead merely saw two images of flying squirrels.

Booster: Ar' ya seein' things or what? All I see are two squirrels!

Snifit #3: But...

Booster: I don't care about all them pointless details! All of yer' get back to work!

Snifits: Yes, Master...