Back to the Circuit

Over the course of many years, I've had fan fiction rumbling in my head and I will now attempt to see what fellow Mario fans think of them when published. Typing will start soon! Once I am finished, if you are interested, I will also discuss various elements that never made the final cut(There's lots of them, trust me). I will also accept ideas for cool, yet not fully developed, premises I have in a separate section. Also feel free to tell me how you think the story is going; I am very eager to hear/see what you guys think. This is my first work after all.
It's another exciting day and final lap at the new racetrack! Mario and Toad are duking it out with Toad slightly in front. Cheering can be heard; Luigi's voice stands out from the crowd: "Come on, Mario! You can do this!" Hearing some of his brother's words of encouragement, Mario eyes the last major turn, breathes deeply and is able to miraculously perform a Super Mini-Turbo that edges him into victory! The two exit their karts and give each other a high-five. Luigi, Peach, Wario, and Donkey Kong rush from the stand to congratulate our winner, while Yoshi went towards Toad.
    Amid the festivities, Lakitu decided now that the new and improved Mario Circuit was a success, he could convince all seven of them to try it. Just then, Bowser jumped from his Clown Car. "RARRRRRR(This made everyone jump a little. Luigi almost loses his footing, but quickly grabs Mario's shoulders to mask his latest blunder, only to be nudged slightly) I HEARD THERE WAS A NEW TRACK AND IT SHALL NOT BE OPENED WITHOUT MY APPROVAL!!!! RARRRGH!" Lakitu sighed and reluctantly wrote Bowser's name on his notepad. "The track will be ready for you in one week, so prepare yourselves." The gang quickly raced on foot to the garage.
Four days pass after the announcement. Wario stares into his kart's tires, angered by the odds stacked against him. He decided to renew the fuel to make sure nothing would happen to him. He walks over to the store to buy some more when he heard strange noises behind the building. The opportunistic Wario decided to investigate, so he crept back to where the noises were coming from. All he could see was a large, muscular creature in a dark red cloak with a suspicious jar in his claws. Wario waved to him, and was greeted by a gesture suggesting that he come closer. Wario agreed. The creature coughed and whispered him in a menacing, yet familiar voice: "I heard you wanted to win that race." Wario gasped;"How do you..." "That's not important! What is, however, that you win! I'm a huge fan who simply knows." He holds up the jar ever so slowly in front of Wario's face. Wario, who could now see a strange purple and white Mushroom  asked what it did. "It will put you way ahead of your friends in the race." Wario knew the circumstances and he was one to cheat, but not one to pay. He confronted the creature. "How much does this little thing cost?" "Oh..for you, umm, twenty-five coins." Wario nonchalantly gave his precious money to the shady salesman; even if he was caught, he could just blackmail his money back from some Toad later.
    The deal was done. The creature also handed Wario a piece of paper containing the mixture recipe."I suggest keeping these away from everyone else, but I suppose you're not that dumb, aren't you?" Wario quietly walked away with his new possessions that should guarantee him a victory. The days go by...Wario made his special fuel in secret, although rumors quickly spread of Yoshi and Donkey Kong hearing very strange things when they were working.
    Finally, the race came on. Legions of fans filled the bleachers as the eight racers roared to the starting line. Then silence came as Lakitu rushed in, carrying his iconic lights. Everyone started their engines and achieved rocket starts. Wario consciously heeded the creature's advice, but could only get one person to follow him at any given time, and they usually just took advantage of the reduced drag and cruised right past him. This continued until he was fifth in the second lap. Then he saw Yoshi and Mario fighting for sixth, and knew that this time would be perfect, but Yoshi was able to use a regular Mushroom and bolt out from the struggle. Not knowing this, Wario shoved his mysterious item into his kart's exhaust pipe. It shook a little then a purple and white explosion came out making Wario, Yoshi, and their karts disappear, leaving a portal behind. Mario tried to slam the brakes, but slipped on a banana peel that had been laid during the first lap due to his lack of focus on the road. Luckily, Lakitu was able to call the race off before Donkey Kong could even think about driving into the vortex.
The five remaining racers all got out of their karts and sped toward it so they could see for themselves. The crowd started to panic with some even leaving their seats. Peach leaned dangerously close to see if she could tell what exactly was going on; "Mario?", she called out. Bowser also lunged to kidnap her once again, but she did the unexpected and fell in herself. Bowser became enraged and started to jump, but tripped, feeling a force pulling on his tail. He looked behind that massive shell of his only to see Donkey Kong, Luigi, and Toad pulling on it. "You're just going to kidnap her again, and we won't have any of it!", Donkey Kong angrily yelled. Despite their actions, Toad thought the trio still wasn't taking enough action, so he ran and leaped straight toward the portal, much to the other two's dismay, but it disappeared before he could reach it, leaving him to fall haplessly upon the ground. Donkey Kong and Luigi let go of Bowser's tail in horror, but the villain turned towards them and growled furiously; "NOW YOU LOSERS HAVE DONE IT!" Luigi tried to run away, but Donkey Kong grabbed his arm and simply stepped back. It was about to be a showdown, but then Bowser turned to Toad who now carried a small crystal that looked exactly like the fuel Wario had used. Donkey Kong tried to attack, but failed to keep Bowser from punching Toad so he would drop it straight into the koopa's claws. Aware of this attempt, Bowser  exhaled flamethrower breath between them, allowing him to escape into his Clown Car.
All the other three could do was watch. Then they looked back at each other as Toad got back up on his feet, who then started to cry. "Wahahahah! It's all my fault!" Donkey Kong patted Toad's head to try to calm him down, saying "We'll get that crystal back." "And we'll solve its mysteries so... we can find them.", Luigi added, holding back tears of his own. Toad jumped up excitedly. "Yeah! I'll even head straight for my kart so we can get there sooner!" Instead Donkey Kong asked Toad if he wanted a ride in his DK Jumbo, to which he agreed. Luigi just decides to take the Wii Standard he used in the race. Then, the two karts rode off to Bowser's Castle.
    When Wario, Yoshi, Mario, and Peach finally returned to solid ground, they found themselves in a gap between the same track, but the scenery looked much more industrialized and there were tons of seemingly random people they didn't know. Then a different Lakitu floated above them. "We have a win...Oh my gosh! It's Mario and crew!" Everyone in the crowd ran around screaming and all activity on the track itself ceased, similar to when they disappeared. Among the racers who came were a male in red wearing Peach's crown, a slightly muscular, menacing woman with a short, purple outfit, and a shy little girl in a dark green racing suit. All three turned to the unexpected guests. At this moment, Mario became infatuated with the girl, she just looked so...beautiful, yet familiar. Fearing the worst, Peach slapped her boyfriend back into his senses. Wario asked the Mushroom Prince where they were. "Don't you see my little friend? You're in the Mushroom Kingdom!" "But that's where we came from!" Yoshi leered at his oblivious companion then took a closer look around and asked the woman exactly where they were. "The banner's right there! We're at the 2154 Mario Kart Championships, Uh Doy! The victory ceremony is about to start; You wanna come?" "We would love to, but we can't! Wait did you say 2154?" The present group stared at each other, realizing that they have been taken to the distant future. Then the Lakitu quickly rushed in and examined Wario's Kart.
    "I cannot let you leave under any circumstances until you get all traces of this illegal substance removed!", referring to the Mushroom fuel he was given. The Mushroom Prince, woman, and little girl led them to a nearby garage, where Wario could get rid of the material. The group finally finished and discussed going back home, but they also wanted to stay for a little while, just to see what the future was like; Plus, they didn't want their friends back home o go on that long inter-dimensional search for nothing. So the little darling, who introduced herself as Luithani, and her twin sister, Luithana, decided to give Mario, Peach, Yoshi, and Wario a tour as they waited for the others
    At about the same time in the present, Luigi, Donkey Kong, and Toad arrived at Bowser's Castle and made their way in. They could hear noises coming from one of the rooms: the sounds of Bowser and his minions constructing another portal to the future, although they didn't know it. "This thing doesn't even exist despite all of my research!", one Koopa admitted. Countless others also complained about how difficult the process was, but Bowser was determined to find his princess. As the trio was eavesdropping, Luigi started realizing that the minions might be on to something about the complexity of the project and began formulating a theory about what to expect in what he thought could be the future. The other two grew impatient and wanted to just get Bowser already, but they couldn't until Toad had an idea. He went back outside, passing an ornate Koopa shell that looked just like Bowser's, only bigger and with a different color scheme, and threw a rock at the window precisely when Bowser's plan was almost finished.

    As planned, Bowser ordered all of his troops to investigate, only to have Toad jump at him from that same window and Luigi and Donkey Kong, who have been hiding in crates during the raid, burst through the door a short time later. A fight broke out in which the good guys seemed to be winning. In fact, there was so much going on, Toad decided that the others were doing good enough on their own, so he could go ahead, leave, and look for his friends. He waved to DK, who winked back while sumo wrestling Bowser. Toad then jumped in. This act reminded Bowser and DK of the reason why they were fighting; they both pushed each other into the same vortex.

    Luigi ran toward it too, but two clawed, scaly, cold hands grabbed him just below his shoulders.  He screamed harshly during his initial capture and again when he looked up at his captor: a bluish, dark orange- haired, purple-shelled, more well-built version of Bowser himself. "Shame it is I have to settle for Lu-Weakling at this point in time, right, Lou." "I'm not weak!" In anger, Luigi began struggling and kicking at him intensely, but the kidnapper just smiled, almost to the point of laughing; however, he still pinned his victim to his chest with one elbow so he could remove the crystal. "Stop your pathetic efforts; you're only proving me right!" As he dissembled Bowser's machine, he mumbled "How is this still here? I should have picked someone dumb enough to listen to me, but smart enough to do it right." However, he estimated the acuteness and intelligence of his prisoner who could hear and acknowledge all of that information.  He forcefully escorted Luigi outside of the castle to the giant Koopa Shell Toad had seen before. A door came out from the side, from which the two went in. The creature sealed Luigi inside an energy sphere. "Get me out of here Bowzoid and don't even think about lying a claw on DK or Toad!" He just heckled back, "Ha-ha-ha-ha-haaa. I find it truly amazing what I can do with improvisation. Besides, now that I have pushed you three, along with Bowser into the dystopia from which I hail, DK and that Mushroom midget will be the least of your worries Ha-ha." "Mario! wait, dystopia?" "Yes, a dystopia in which my empire has been completely vanquished, so I have been tasked by destiny itself to save it by altering time. Namely annihilating the Mushroom Kingdom crew which includes you Luigi!" He gasped once more. "Bowzoid" continued:"Although, having a helpless witness to all of this to parade around does seem to add to my terror influence. I'll try it out." After the initial "Whew," the statement, reinforcing that he was weak, only made Luigi furious.

  Having enough of Luigi's apprehensive lack of submissiveness, "Bowzoid" approached the controls to his Time Tank and put his machine into acceleration. Luigi placed his hands close to his face and watched the future transition in confused horror as the crystal began to glow and the outside began to change, plus just the thought of this thing destroying his friends and that he couldn't do anything about it.
    Shortly after the others arrived, Mario, Peach, Wario, Yoshi and the twins passed by the main plaza. Noticing all of the shops nearby, Mario asked if they could have a souvenir to show the guys back home. Luithani thought deeply. "Umm...Sure, but something simple like a toy or a photograph that won't run the risk of changing anything. I think I might have something." Just then the group heard screaming coming from the other direction. They retreated in order to be away from the sound and the impact of Toad and DK falling from the sky. "What happened?", Yoshi asked. "Toad brushed himself off and told them: "We got here from our dimension, then this giant Koopa Shell showed up, and it launched us all the way over here!" "Let's get them!", Wario said examining his fists. The group rushed forward, but Yoshi put his arm in front of Peach. "Peach, you have to stay with the twins; if Bowser's here, than you're probably the reason why." She reluctantly agreed and they left.

    When they finally got to the main square, Mario, Yoshi, Wario, DK, and Toad saw "Bowzoid's" tank along with their Bowser standing in awe. His booming voice came from the machine; "Well well well! If it isn't Super Mario, the man responsible for this wasteland!" "Says the giant Koopa destroying these innocent buildings!" "Now allow me to destroy you." He then launched a series of lasers which missed everyone. Bowser became envious and furious. "NO WAY! I HAVE TO DESTROY MARIO!" At this moment, a plank came out from the side. Mario's group tried to rush in, but "Bowzoid" quickly flattened all five of them with a mechanism he shot from the roof, right in front of his, Bowser's and Luigi's eyes. Everyone else in town, including Peach, knew what happened as well, either from TV or outside their windows. He then quietly stepped out of his tank and greeted Bowser and held out his claw to which Bowser grabbed and shook it. The two went inside. Bowser looked around. "How did you make all of this?" "Well, there's something I should tell you first: I am you in the form of Bowser Jr. III," He said removing his cloak, "I either handcrafted or stole everything myself, which took my entire developed life. Now we shall create your kingdom." "Not until we find Peach!" "Do you seriously think that she wouldn't come back to defend her 'precious' little Mushroom Land? Besides, we would have a head start in conquering the place once and for all, and I'll give it all to you, not that I have a choice!" "I like the sound of that." They both gave each other a high-five and roared loudly with excitement then they heard crying.

    "Bowzoid" turned to his prisoner, who was down on his knees in tears, and inched closer to Luigi. "TEARS, at a time like this! I am in the process of creating an ideal continuation of our timeline and YOU'RE CRYING!" Luigi stood up and explained his cause of trauma: " cetera;.... they're gone." "Bowzoid" gasped slightly and became furious. "THAT'S IT!? I'LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT! He turned back to his controls and pulled a lever, which released an intense electrical impulse into the energy sphere. As Luigi screamed in agonizing pain and for Mario's help, the koopas stood there, "Bowzoid" grinning and staring into a book, while Bowser wasn't sure what to make of it. After sometime, he finally closed the circuit and the sphere itself. A perplexed "Bowzoid" asked him why he can still hear Mario's name despite thinking that he killed him and his other friends. The fallen Luigi, struggling to stay on his feet, tried to respond by telling him, "My brother's heart, his devotion...even if...", but he passed out due to the pain. "Bowzoid" lifted Luigi's hand and dropped it. Nothing. He then turned to Bowser and ordered, "Tie him up as soon as we get to the present; I don't want to be distracted from our afternoon of triumph and destruction by any worthless displays of sorrow in the act." Bowser nodded as an army of Toads raced to the Time Tank with everything from fire flowers to rocks. Not wanting to be attacked, the duo pushed the button which took them to the  present, leaving behind the machinery which smashed the others. Despite the force, all five were able to support themselves with Peach's and the brigade's help.
  Peach waited on her friends in the hospital, only imagining what Bowser and this mysterious heir of his would be doing to her kingdom and all of the innocent civilians in it, but she knew the others would be strong enough to defend the Mushroom Kingdom alongside herself, eventually. Her conflicting thoughts were abruptly interrupted when two nurses rushed both carrying Luithani and Luithana on stretchers. She decided to follow them and found that the twins being unable to move and suffering from deep amnesia. "May you please tell me what happened to them?" The nurses examined the children closely, but they couldn't identify any real disease. They were pushed into the medical room.
Peach reentered the waiting room where she found a peculiar Purple Toad with a clipboard in his hands. She sat next to him and asked what he wanted. "I'm doing what all professors do best: obtaining research. I, Professor Mac-Fac  need to ask you and your friends of any special attributes of theirs, you know, anything that makes you stand out and excel in your plight of good. I'm working on special suits that enhance those features so you can use them to kick some Koopa butt!" "Well, I have this parasol and I can be quite a formidable force in my own right." "Excellent! Now, I will also need a sample of your DNA." Peach pulled out one of her hairs and gave it to him. "Thanks. I shall visit your friends then." He entered the room where they were waiting and talked with them(In case you were wondering Yoshi and Toad's spit were collected, due to them having no hair). The professor came back to Peach again. "Wonderful news! I have samples from everyone, although I could have sworn I need to get a seventh for some reason; Oh well, they don't stereotype us as aloof for nothing! Are you sure there's only six of you?" Peach nodded. The professor sighed in relief. "I also know what's wrong with the children; turns out, their entire family is coming down with Paradox Syndrome." Peach shrugged her shoulders, not knowing what that directly meant. Mac-Fac  told her: "In other words, whatever those nasty Koopas are doing is affecting their existence and to a lesser degree, all of us. Oh, and Mario's taking a little longer to recover than the others for some reason. Now, off to my research!" Peach decided to follow him, but she couldn't help but check on the others again, especially Mario, who had been slightly depressed ever since they got to the future, then she hurried to the lab to watch his work on his experiment for them.
She asked for more details to which he responded, "Just let me focus, I'll tell you and the rest of you, when I'm done." By the time he did finish, her five friends had come too, all in ready-to-be-enhanced fighting condition. Mac-Fac  explained his latest creations: six Power-Up suits biologically designed around each of your special abilities, and the best part is, even if you get hurt, it will still be there to protect you." They looked at the six discs each with a glowing circle of a different color in the center; red, pink, green, purple, brown, and turquoise. The gang grabbed them, pushed the buttons, and Presto! The scanners activated and the discs changed into a shape that enveloped each of the wearers perfectly, with their colors prominent throughout. They all wowed at the process, but Mac-Fac had to show them the grim truth of what was happening in the present: the apparent destruction of their homeland. The gang raced to the Emergency Time Vault and bade good-bye to the professor, promising to change the timeline for the better.
      As Bowser and Bowser Jr. III ran rampant through the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser's secret soft side got the best of him as he specifically instructed his great-grandson not to cause too much carnage: "My Toad minions are gonna have to repair those buildings!" Bowser Jr. III stopped control for a second; " Then what CAN I destroy? Wait, I've got a better plan: Let's compress the entire Mushroom population into one open place then wage total destruction!" So they did, with their various weapons, crowd everyone into the castle courtyard. The two then pushed a special button which turned the top of the Time Tank into a balcony. They headed for the  elevator, but "Bowzoid" paused to once again put on his cloak and to take Luigi with him. At this point, he was tied up to a support beam in a small compartment in the main control room at his upper arms, forearms, and again just above his wrists. This pattern repeats at his upper legs , lower legs, and his ankles respectively. His head graced with a deep frown and eyes just ready to stream tears slumped over, as Luigi had no control over his body, only breathing so subtly that even as "Bowzoid" carried him away, he couldn't be heard.
The lift came up( with a smooth remix of Bowser's Castle: Mario Kart Wii being played) to a large flat area where they could be seen by all walled only in the back with a steel fence-like structure guarding the other sides. Bowser approached a platform, while "Bowzoid" stood back, and roared to silence the entire crowd. "Greetings, slaves. My acquaintance and I would like to inform you that I will preside over the Mushroom Kingdom for the time being." The crowd booed intensely and one person yelled "You can't take over when Peach is still the monarch!" "Yes, but do any of us see her? NO, and even when she does come back, she'll find this kingdom in such a helpless state that the only option is to surrender because all possible resistance to me is DEAD! Mwahahahahha!" Everyone screamed in terror until someone pointed out they could see Luigi's eyes fluttering, but even that didn't stop all of the chaos. Bowser irritably yelled "STOP SCREAMING!" Everyone got scared and obliged.
However, the silence was soon broken by one Toad's voice: "That's where you're wrong Bowser!" His voice was so distinctive that even in his semi-conscious state, Luigi was able to recognize the voice as his great friend Wolley, which meant Yvan and more help were on the way. The crowd cleared out space for the two heroes. Bowser laughed for the longest time and asked Bowser Jr. III which weapon he should use to annihilate them. Then Daisy showed up behind them; Waluigi and Toadette shortly after. All five barred fighting poses. A shocked Bowser decided not to kill them, since the rebellion included two women after all. However, Luigi still pleaded Bowser not to fire. "Bowzoid" grabbed him and covered his mouth, yelling "Get Back!" It was only then, Luigi realized where he was and that he was tied up, but instead of struggling further, he closed his eyes while still screaming for help, despite being gagged, so he wouldn't see the blast, which turned out to be another energy sphere enveloping all five of the others at once. The Koopa laughed again and rolled out a very long scripture: a list of his demands for the New Koopa World Order. He began reading from his speech. Sometime during the oration, Bowser Jr. III saw six icons on his radar and left the scene.
Leaned up against the wall and alone, Luigi knew he had the perfect opportunity to escape; he hopped near Bowser's back and used his spikes to cut the ropes. He then waited for a point when Bowser was yelling to push the button which activated the elevator. He went in and decided to check out the second floor: a weapons facility. There were many impressive and outlandish tools, but he could only grab three regular Bob-ombs and afford to push one big one into back the elevator with him in his attempt to follow, and maybe even take down "Bowzoid" as the last major hope for the Mushroom Kingdom, or so he thought.
    Bowser Jr. III continued his run until he found Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Wario, and Donkey Kong standing in his way. "WHAT? How are YOU still alive?" Wario responded, "Eh, just some bruises." Bowser Jr. III snorted and rushed towards them. Yoshi threw his grapple at his attacker's arm, but Bowser Jr. III swung him around until Yoshi slammed into Wario. Donkey Kong backed away and got in his cyber barrel, speeding towards the enemy, yet Bowser Jr. III got in his own shell and the two chased each other like two spinning tops, until the Koopa shell finally smashed the barrel, knocking down DK into a dazed state. He remerged and scoffed at them: "Oh DK, didn't anyone tell you that for every reaction, there is an EVEN MORE POWERFUL opposite reaction?"The remaining heroes exchanged looks and Peach told the group, "I thought there would be an equal reaction." Mario giggled. "Uh, Peach, you're a' starting to sound like Lou." "Huh?" "It's a compliment; you're both smart." Peach blushed and said "Aww." Bowser Jr. III, revolted by their romantic banter, charged towards the group again and grabbed Toad. Peach tried clubbing him with her suit's signature weapon, but his scales were too tough to make him react and let Toad go. His claws punctured Toad's jetpack and he was thrown backwards, straight towards the large Bob-omb Luigi had set. Fortunately, he flew above the bomb, merely lighting the fuse before he crashed head-first into a bush.

      Luigi used the spark to light two of his smaller Bob-ombs before running away. He took a deep breath, focusing on his aim. Meanwhile,  Bowser Jr. III tried to vanquish Mario with his fire breath, but Mario quickly shot a flame steam from his own hands; the two battled it out, but Peach still couldn't get more than a couple of bruises on the villain. Luigi knew he didn't have much time left, so he rolled one Bob-omb towards "Bowzoid's" tail ,and threw another towards the back of his head. They both hit the spikes and exploded on contact. Finally, "Bowzoid" was able to be hurt; this distraction gave Mario an edge, and he sent his fire attack with all power out on him. Then, the Big Bob-omb exploded, causing everyone to look behind them. Although he wasn't hurt, the explosion's force caused Luigi to stumble; not only that, but his cover was blown.

  Mario and Peach tripped Bowser Jr. III before he could attack. She then uttered a spell, healing the other four. Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Wario started hitting Bowser Jr. III immediately, joined by Luigi, then Toad. While it is unclear who struck the final blow, the gang all left when he was knocked out and dazed. Luigi, ever the cautious man, gave two last kicks at "Bowzoid's" arms before finally stepping of his shell. Donkey Kong, embarrassed to have let Mario's brother simply disappear, asked Luigi what he was doing during after he and Toad met up with the others. Before Luigi could devise an epic lie, three turquoise warp beams came from the sky. Two Toads in police uniforms, along with Prof. Mac-Fac emerged from them. "We have come for the villain," one of the cops said as the other handcuffed Bowser Jr. III. "Would you care to see him in Star Prison?" All seven nodded; Wario seemed particularly enthusiastic. Mac activated another portal into which the police trudged Bowser Jr. III. Mac stopped Mario and his friends from entering: "You're gonna have give the suits back first." Everyone except Luigi responded with one big "Awwww." "Sorry, it's the Proper Rules of Time Travel, planned ever since my father invented the thing. You don't want to run the risk of creating another paradox or (*gasp*) more than one, don't you?" They all pressed their collar buttons and the suits reverted to their original disc form, which were given to Mac.
Once in Star Haven, the group were awed by the changes that took place since they've last been there. A star appeared, guiding them to the cell where Bowser Jr. III was locked up. They all got to see him one last time as a rub in the face; Wario even stuck out his tongue.  One of the officers stood guard and asked the crew if he did anything else in addition to destroying some establishments and trying to take over the Mushroom Kingdom while attempting to destroy all hope. All he got were several blank stares until Luigi told the group of his knowledge: "He kidnapped me and said he was going to hurt me, and he did; then everything went black. He also had the others imprisoned!" The Blue Toad wrote his information down. The guide star approached them again. "Do you want to visit the future again; it has changed greatly. Mario and his friends went back towards the path. Toad was a little late because his own ghost startled behind him. Suddenly, Mario's ghost also appeared and pulled Toad's ghost back. "He's just a little proud of us; that's all." Toad went back down the path. After he left, everyone else's ghosts joined them and waved good-bye their living selves.

The future was indeed different: more flowers could be seen and everything generally looked nicer and sunnier. Everyone was cheering for their heroes' return. Prof. Mac gave them medals and led them to another chamber in his lab. Everyone sat in chairs with helmets on their heads as he pushed a button. a light on the helmets blinked rapidly until Mario's, Peach's, Yoshi's, Donkey Kong's, Toad's, and Wario's turned red. The alarm went off. Toad freaked out and asked Mac what the point of the experiment was. "Well, it's another staple of Time Travel Etiquette, the six of you know too much. Speaking of which, prepare for step two. He pulled a lever. Luigi's head covering went back up and the straps detached, while everyone else's jut out a plate over their eyes and ears. As Mac adjusted the exact settings, he exchanged brief small talk with Luigi: "You know, you saved my great-grandfather(the Purple Toad from Dark Moon, which hasn't happened yet) once. Oh my gosh! Now I'm going to have to Stroberize you!" "I did? Who was it? When?" "Phew, you don't know; I guess I can let that one slide." The flash inside the helmets blared, erasing certain memories of the future, including those of the twins and all scientific processes involving the suits they witnessed. After their helmets dislodged, Mac instructed the crew to leave in his massive transporter with their karts inside. He zapped them all back home.

Once there, the rest of the Mushroom denizens, including a freed Yvan and Wolley huddled around them. Toadette told them of Bowser's fate: "Suddenly, the tank and energy spheres vanished. We tried to run out Bowser, but he got away." Lakitu showed up and gave three miniature trophies to Luigi, Peach, and Toad. "All that commotion made me forget who was winning, so I decided to just give one to all three of you. The trio thanked him. after Lakitu left, Luigi told the others, "Wow, things can sure wrap up nicely, don't they." Everyone laughed, and they all went on with their lives.