Ask Tim

H-J カービイ said:
^I suppose the program is trying to connect online and either grant a trial period or confirm your payment for the program...

What sort of RPG would you make if you did have RMXP?
RPGMXP? It depends on what you mean. If you mean basic story, it would be a video game crossover of some sort. I also might try to make it look like a pokemon game.
I was just sitting on my couch for thanksgiving. The closest thing to real food I ate though was mac and cheese :p My mouth has started hurting more since my surgery.

Black Friday: Even if I felt good enough to go shopping, I probably wouldn't. I just don't really need anything right now.  Besides, I want to have more that 380 dollars saved up in my bank.
Vipsoccermaster said:
yoshi15 said:
What do you mean? Like another Blazing winter or something like that? If so, we'd need to make sure members who would join would remain active.
I guess I could help out with something like that if I'm needed to. I'm sure I'd be able to take the time to. Why, do you have any ideas?

H-J カービイ said:
Any progress on the RPG?
I tried getting support because the activation code never finished but it never finished. I'll try getting more help over my winter break though. If that doesn't work, I won't even be able to start my RPG.