Ask Tim

Good question, I put things below. I am actually thinking about going to normal school at the beginning of 2010

Normal school:
More friends
Tests seem easier to me
I get to see how idiots can try to make fun of me :p
I can get more fit than just sitting at a computer
Everyone has a chance to express their own opinions.
You can directly ask a teacher questions
It's easier to join a club.

Virtual school:
Some lessons take less time to do.
You can do things on your own time.
You always have access to technology
I avoided freshmen week  :p
I only need to do 25 hours of school a week.
I can make my own pizza for lunch instead of the junk they feed you at school
yoshi14 said:
@Alisha Valentine  Birds for sure.

@Cookieboy17    What a good question :p  If I never read that, it would mean no. I did read it, so yeah. I'm back.
Your back! I don't think we've met, I'm YoshiCaleb, you can call me Caleb though.
Also, what is your favourite colour?