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Vipsoccermaster said:
Why was mine ignored? :-[
Should I answer it now?

Vipsoccermaster said:
^ Yeah, he does,

In Wind Waker, what was your reaction when you saw a Big Octo out of nowhere?
Oh, those were good times. For some reason... I was right not to go near a big group of seagulls weakly armed when I was very young. I watched the wind waker special movie clip on the Zelda CC game.
Anyways, my first reaction..... I didn't know what to do...I said some certain words.... I thought I woud get a.... game over and I forgot to save since Dragon Roost Cavern. :/
Meantime, I happened to be talking to my friend through the phone.
When the battle was over (Defeated the octo with the boomerang) I was happy I got a heart piece.

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