Animal Crossing (MP3) Complete

Animal Crossing V1.0 (Mario Party 3)

I'm new to the forum and this is my first ever board.
Let me know what you think :)





P.S Sorry for the dumb question but how do I submit to the download section?
Wow, this is one of the best-looking boards I've seen! How did you make the paths look so smooth and natural? I can tell a lot of effort went into making this board look great, and it paid off! It's difficult to make a good-looking board in 2D, but you did a great job! The path layout looks pretty good, too, though I'm not a fan of the chance-time space in the repeating loop in the middle (the smaller the loop, the higher the chance of it being landed on). That can cause for quite some chaos! Anyway, to add a download to the downloads section, you just go to the "downloads" tab here on the forum, then there's a button near the top of the page called "add download." This will allow you to upload the .json file, write a description, and add screenshots. It will take a day or so to be approved, but after that it's on the database!
Thank you😊

I made it all in photoshop. I have a background in art and graphic design
It took a few days.

-for the background found a repeating grass pattern and tiled it.
-for the cliffs i cut out a section from a screenshot of AC and tiled it using the perspective and skew transform tools to give it that 3D look
- for the paths:(see attached image)
                      1. made a small section of path tile with the pen tool. filled it white.
                      2. copy and pasted it to form the path. merged all layers to one.
                      3. created 2 clipping mask layers on top one with bass colour and one with the path pattern
                      4. created 3rd clipping mask layer with slight drop shadow on top of that to emulate AC game.
                      5. copy path layer to top, add outer glow effect and set blend mode to multiply

- for everything else i found assets from online or from screenshots and cut them out and added an outline

hope thats helps :D


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Your background in graphic design is quite apparent! It looks extremely professional! Also, I love Katamari! Can't wait for that board! Such an underrated series. I agree with you about Party Planner 64. It's a shame that more people don't know about it! Anyway, I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future and I'll have to play your Animal Crossing board still.
No, you still get boo and toad by passing, I just wanted to include some logical reason for getting happening points and the chance of landing on any of these spaces is pretty low plus the bank pays out so thats happening enough for me haha :-D

Just had a idea!

Maybe it would be good if we could link the happening points to other spaces without the ? then we could give those points out for other activities like landing on bowser, chance, battle, item and game guy spaces. That way the most "Happening" player would get the star