And Then There Were None

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And Then There Were None

Mario and his friends have a picnic in Generic Grasslands to celebrate Mario and Peach's 10th Anniversary. All goes well expect when a huge storm hits, Mario and his friends find themselves searching for shelter. When they enter an abandaned house, they soon find themselves fighting for their lives.

Finished Chapters:
1: Mario's Proposal
2: Death's Upon Us
Chapter 1: The Proposal

It was a bright sunny day in the Mushroom Kingdom, our hero Mario was sitting on a checkered blanket along with Luigi, Daisy, Yoshi, Toad, Wario, Waluigi, Toadette and Rosalina. They all were waiting for Princess Peach to arrive, today would be the big day for Mario, he was going to propose to Peach. Mario and Toadstool had only been boyfriend and girlfriend for 10 years today, Mario was sitting in Generic Grasslands, where he had met the beautiful princess. It had been 30 minutes and there was no sign of Peach, the bright, happy clouds started to turn grey. Mario thought the Princess was kidnapped by Bowser again, he really didn't feel like resucing anyone. He told the gang to start packing up, but they all saw the beautiful princess appear. The gang stopped packing up and the Princess walked towards Mario, "Mario, I am sorry I'm late, I had some things to do at the castle." Mario bent down on his knees and grabbed a golden ring with a diamond on it, before Mario could speak Peach said she would marry Mario. Before anyone could act, it started raining, everyone got up and started running, no one knew whey there were running they just wanted to get out of the rain. The rain turned into hail and thunder became lightning. Everyone was scared, they were all soaked, but Toad qucikly pointed out an mansion. Everyone ran inside the house ignoring the "Warning" signs.

Everyone was inside, and they started looking for a light switch, until they could find it the only light source was the lightning flashing every few seconds. Wario managed to find the light switch and when the lights came on... everyone would have second opinions about this mansion...
Chapter 2: Death's Upon Us

The lights flickered on. Everyone was shocked of their surroundings. There was blood all over the floor and mirror. A blood covered bow was on the ground next to an axe. All of the furniture in the main room was ripped and glass was all over the floor. The gang decided to vote, deciding if they would stay in the mansion or go back inside and stay in the storm. Mario, Peach, Daisy, Luigi and Wario wanted to go back outside and Toad, Toadette, Rosalina, Yoshi and Waluigi wanted to stay inside. They were all deadlocked and they decided they would stay in he mansion for the night. Peach spoke, acting like the leader, "Okay, Mario and I will go along the left hallway while the rest go along the right hallway, we will look for any supplies that we can use for the hight." They all walked into the hallways they got assigned. Peach spoke softely to Mario "I'm scared, I don't what to do." Mario was checking all the bedrooms but they were all perfectly fine. "Mario, I wonder who use to live here? I wonder what happened here." They came across a painting. The painting showed who use to live in this mansion...

The painting showed Birdo! Birdo use to live in this mansion! "Mario! The blood covered bow belonged to Birdo! It explains why Birdo was no were to be seen when you proposed to me! They quickly ran to the main hall to see if there was any clues. They discovered the dead body of... Waluigi! Waluigi has been stabbed in the back with the axe on the floor before, Peach screamed and everyone came running back. Everyone was shocked to see the dead body of Waluigi. "Quickly get outside!" Daisy screamed. They ran to the door and tried to open it, but it was jammed shut. The gang turned around and noticed all of the windows had been boarded up. They all screamed as they was a murduer in the mansion.
Chapter 3: Clue?

The gang just starred at Waluigi's cold lifeless body, no one had a clue what to do. They were stuck in the mansion for the night, with one already dead, the killer could strike again. "How could of this happen? Who would kill Waluigi?" Wario quickly said. The gang pointed fingers at each other "It was Rosalina! She wanted Waluigi dead so she could play Tennis!" Daisy said. Luigi came to her defense with "How could she kill Waluigi? She was with us the whole time! Maybe it was Toadette! She wanted Waluigi dead as he took her sopt in the lastest party!" Wario stormed in "I was standing walking next to Toadette the whole time! It could of been Luigi! You guys have been eneimes for ages!" The gang soon got into an agurment trying to figure out who killed Waluigi and possibly Birdo. "HOLD IT!!!!!" Rosalina screamed, everyone was dead silent. "It was either Mario or Peach! We all know we were walking together but we don't know what they did!" Everyone turned around and looked at them. "We don't know what you guys were doing either! Maybe someone slipped out with Waluigi to kill him! We don't know anything!" Peach replied. "Maybe, but I still have my finger of suspicsion on you guys" Toad answered.

After the aguring the gang had to look for any clues. They would check each room, in pairs of two or three. Mario and Peach, Luigi and Daisy, Toad and Toadette, Yoshi, Rosalina and Wario. They all spilt up, quickly looking for any clues.

"Luigi, who do you think is the murduer?" "I think... I don't know! I hope it was just a boo who killed Waluigi! I couldn't imangine one of us wanting to kill someone!" Daisy and Luigi looked in one of the master bedrooms. "All right! Let's look for some clues!" Daisy said. Daisy was looking in the bathroom and found a picture of yoshi. "This room must of belonged to Birdo". Luigi saw a diary hidden under it's/her/his bed and opened to the latest entry. He bgean to read. "I am enjoying my new home, Toad came over to give me some pink flowers as a housewarming gift, he was a bit late, but I enjoyed his company notherless. I am nearly done cleaning the house." The diary was filled with no helpful stuff but they decided to show it to everybody to see if they could get some ideas.

Yoshi was quickly racing ahead of Roasalina and Wario. The cheerful dinosaur really wanted to find the killer and fast, but Rosalina and Wario had a hard time keeping with the dinosaur, when they got to the room he was checking, he would of finished and run to the next room. Wario had enough and shouted "YOSHI! GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!!!" The dinosaur stopped in his tracks and apolgized. "I wonder why Birdo would want this house? It's got over 20 rooms, surely it/she/he can't have that many friends" Rosalina questioned. "Well of what I'm aware of, Birdo use to live in a sewer, so any place is better then it's/his/her old house" Wario anserwed. They too found another matser bedroom, it was useless as it only had a bathroom in it and no other furniture.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" someone screamed. Mario & Peach heard this and quickly ran to the the screams. They discovered the dead body of... Toadette. Peach fainted and Mario checked her body to see how she died. He discovered four knives in her back. Everyone showed up and quickly realised Toad was no where to be found. Was Toad the killer?