A Night In Gotham

Well here's a Batman fan-fiction of mine i thought i might put up here. Enjoy

This story is set the night following Arkham City. The events of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City have happened already

A Night In Gotham

Arkham City was shut down. Batman's Arkham horror was officially over and it was Batman's first night back in Gotham. He attempted to keep Arkham City out of his mind and focus on the crime which was a hard task.

It was a hot night in Gotham. The Hot Days always happened this time of year. Gotham City looked like it would be set alight in moments. But heat doesn't stop crime and neither does it stop Batman.

Batman perched himself on top of a corporate building that looked like it hit the sky from the ground down below. Batman stared down at Gotham, the crime ridden, cesspool of a city. Crime was always happening in Gotham City. The super-criminals wouldn't allow crime to take a night off. But this, particular blazing night felt... Different.

Down on the ground far below a woman yelled for help, the usual burglary. Batman dived down to help the distressed woman. It was a low-life thug, looking for quick cash by robbing the young woman who seemed to be Summer Gleeson, the buddying reporter with a kind heart and help for the news. Batman confronted the thug and punched him as hard as he could and it sent the thug to the floor.
Summer: 'That was good work you did their'
Batman just grappled off leaving the thug unconscious on the floor which allowed Summer to run away. Batman forgot he wasn't in Arkham City anymore, the thug had entire access of the city which didn't occur to Batman's brain as he left the thug their.

As he grappled through the air, the rapid movement gave Batman a breeze which blew in his face giving him a cold change from the sweat that was growing inside his suit. Summer had walked off with her heeled shoes clicking on the floor and her spotted blue and pale grey dress and thin woolen green over shirt flapping in the sudden breeze as well as her auburn hair. The wind that blew through the streets of Gotham picked up the discarded newspapers and flung them down the street.

Moments after the wind stopped a loud noise echoed through Gotham. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The alarm from the Gotham City Radio building beeped off. Batman swooshed down and landed in front of the Gotham City Radio building. The alarmed still beeped away loudly and startled citizens that were nearby.

Batman entered Gotham City Radio and rushed to turn the alarm off and find the intruder. Batman stumbled through the empty hallways of the Gotham City Radio building with the automatic lights shining some light into the lifeless building. He then reached the alarm and turned it off. However Batman continued hearing loud noises coming from down the hall. He rushed to see where the loud noises were coming from.

Batman burst through a door into a open room with desks up against the walls and stairs to the right. When Batman entered he was surprised to discover two guards strung up around their ankles by rope which dangled off the roof. Their screams were muffled by silver duck tape tightly placed across their mouths. Batman released the guards with ease however the guards stayed in shock instead of being enlightened from being freed. The guards laid on the red carpeted floor curled up in a ball and swung back and forth.  The guards seemed to be scared of Batman until one screamed. 'Get off me!' The thugs weren't in reality seeing as nothing was on them. They were hallucinating. That moment the room filled with thick, brown gas and before Batman could put on his mask someone struck him in the head and Batman fell to the ground inhaling the toxic, brown gas. Batman turned his head to attempt to see a fleeing figure but could only see a small slouched man running away with something in his hand. Batman closed his eyes as he got coaxed in the gas.

Minutes later Batman awoke, still laying on the furry red carpet that was laid on the floor with loose threads catching on Batman's suit. Batman stood up and brushed the loose threads off his suit and then snuck out the window and glided to land up on top of the Chander Industries building.

The bright neon signs flicked in Batman's face that made the world seem so bright even though the break of day wouldn't be for a long time in Batman's perspective. Batman touched his feet on the roof of Chander Indutries when the roof suddenly broke and Batman fell into the darkness.

Once Batman regained consciousness again he discovered he was in William Chander's office. William Chander had only moved to Gotham a few weeks ago however he had already made his mark by using his intelligence to open Chander Indutries and created amazing industrial products used everywhere over Gotham City. Batman looked up at the desk, a man was sitting their.
Man: 'Hello... Son'
Batman: 'Dad?'
Thomas Wayne: 'Why are you doing this son? It's wrong. You can't stop crime. If you failed us you will fail Gotham'

Batman blinked and stared at the black leather desk chair that his father had sat on. He had disappeared and was replaced with a working William Chander.
William Chander: 'I asked you, who are you and why are you here?'
Batman: 'I'm Batman'

William Chander sat at his desk in shock. He had heard the stories of Batman but he thought it was just an urban myth, he hadn't experienced Batman in action. William Chander had a flash of fear pass through his body.

William Chandler: 'I've heard stories of you'
Batman: 'Same here. Why did you come to Gotham? This is as bad as earth gets'
William Chandler: 'To clean up Gotham, I think with a little help and money donations I can make Gotham a better place. You might not know but I was brought up on the notorious Crime Alley. All the other kids wanted to be like their parents and live in corrupt homelessness. But I, looked up at the Gotham skyline and wanted to be up their. I left Crime Alley during the day and ventured into Gotham without anyone knowing. Unfortunately I wasn't their for my parents. My English mother and father hid a secret from me. They were battling depression and left when I ventured into Gotham. As a result it put me through extensive therapy. I just cried and wanted my parents back. Looking back on it I don't know why. They were scum and should stay that way. During therapy I studied how the therapists worked. They used simple techniques that would be taught at primary school. Once the therapists thought I was over my parents untimely leaving, I worked in the shadows. Discovering the secrets of the brain. How to unlock it to learn more knowledge quickly'
Batman: 'And you killed people for it'
William Chander: 'Killed! No not at all. But I almost killed myself hacking my brain for more knowledge'
Batman: 'And it worked?'
William Chander: 'Course it did. I have a eidetic memory and can learn things much faster than the human mind'
Batman: 'And you think you could do the same to the super-criminals and restore their minds'
William Chander: 'It can be possible and it will restore their sanity to ordinary levels'
Batman: 'Yes but one wrong move and you could kill them. I won't let you do it'
William Chander: 'Very well. Their's no point arguing with you. Money donations can do a lot as well'
Batman: 'I'm sure your plan will work'
Batman made his way to the exit of the room.
William Chander: 'I hope yours does too'
Batman passed through the door and closed it behind him.
William Chander: 'Please, get in here Miss'
A woman stepped out of the shadows
Woman: 'Yes?'
William Chander: 'He's the one you need to join'
Woman: 'Thank you for your help. The last job turned out to be a buzzkill.

Part 2:
Batman exited Chander's Office and rummaged through Chander Industries for any piece of suspicious activity. Suddenly a figure snuck into the room. Batman knew someone entered the room and tilted his head to see a tall woman standing by the door.

The woman's skinny legs were covered in a black body-suit with black boots that were red on the inside. Hung around her waist was what looked like a utility belt colored in a dark, rich red with a red oval and a black bat in the red oval on her chest. Her long cape fell down to her feet and the outside was covered in black but the inside was the same color has the dark red elsewhere. Her mask covered the top of her face and her bat-like points were slicked back which then allowed her long auburn hair to fly back.

Woman: 'I wish to join you'
Batman: 'I don't work with others. And you definitely can't. You don't know what it means to be a Bat'
Woman: 'I can help you'
Batman: 'Strangers can't join'
Woman: 'I'm not a stranger. I'll remove my cowl in return for joining'
Batman: 'No. Go home. You don't belong here'
Batman began to walk off from the woman dressed like a bat
Woman: 'I've trained like you'
Batman stopped walking. A shiver was sent down his back and sweat rolled across his face, partially the heat and partially the woman knowing Batman's true identity
Batman: 'How do you know who I am'
Woman: 'When you've been in a business like mine, you can piece together something easily. A man who dresses up like a Bat must have past problems. Childhood problems. The only way to have such combat skills and stealth skills is to travel across the world and practice around the world. The only man in Gotham who as those two things is... Bruce Wayne'
Batman: 'What business have you been in'
The woman took of her cowl and revealed her face. Batman was shocked to see who it was.

Batman: 'Summer Gleeson? And you've trained like me. Why would you want to join me?'
Summer Gleeson: 'Gotham City News have infuriated me since I got back to work. It's not like it used to be. I've just been bottling up feelings to keep my job.
Batman: 'You didn't answer my question'
Summer Gleeson: 'You didn't notice for the past two year I wasn't on the news. Vicki Vale took my place and still has. For the past two years I trained like you'
Batman: 'How come you couldn't fight off a simple thug then'
Summer Gleeson: 'He was a friend. I've been following you since then'
Batman concentrated and thought about what to do. Until he finally replied
Batman: 'Come with me'

Batman exited Chander Industries with Summer Gleeson in her Bat-Suit following. They both entered the Bat-mobile and drove off
Batman: 'Why do you want to help fight crime'
Summer Gleeson: 'I've felt useless at work with Vicki Vale taking over. I'm no longer helping Gotham and its all I've wanted to do. I can help you well. Gotham City News always gets Gotham News first. I can tell you the news and we can get their first.
Batman: 'I'll have to see you fight'
Batman pushed a button on the Bat-mobile and put on a gas mask. Suddenly gas poured out of nooks and crannies of the Batmobile which cloaked Summer Gleeson and put her to sleep.

Batman drove into Gotham Heights until they came to a end of a road with a waterfall flowing on the road. Batman pushed a button on the Bat-mobile and drove into the waterfall. It went through a windy cave and then the cave end opened. He drove along the narrow path into the Bat-Cave. Batman carried Summer until she woke up.

Alfred: 'Supper's ready Master Bruce... Um, why hello Summer? What brings you to the Bat-Cave?
Summer Gleeson: 'I'm requesting to join your group with Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake'
Batman: 'Your good at piecing things together'
Alfred: 'I see you won't be needing supper' Alfred exited the Batcave
Batman: 'I need to test your combat skills'
Batman and Summer Gleeson broke into a controlled fight to test Summer's skills. The strikes and blocks continued on and on until Summer turned into Martha Wayne and Batman hit his mother and she fell down the narrow walkway of the Bat-Cave into the abyss screaming. Batman dropped to the ground.

Summer: 'Whats the matter Bruce'
Batman had been hallucinating again.
Batman: 'Good job Summer but we have a threat already'
Summer: 'The gas in the Gotham City Radio building. It was, Scarecrow Toxin. And you got a glimpse of him running away.
Batman: 'Good job Summer. You have proven yourself worthy. You are now... Batwoman. Scarecrow has survived the attack below Arkham Asylum. But how?'

Part 3:
Batman and the new Batwoman ventured into Gotham in search of the live Scarecrow. He hasn't been seen since the attack below Arkham Asylum. The target for Batman and Batwoman now was Killer Croc.

The GCPD had searched for Killer Croc in the sewers of Arkham City but returned from the sewers empty handed. If their was someone who could locate Killer Croc, It was Batman and Batwoman. They exited the Bat-Cave through a cavern which came out overlooking Gotham. The duo stood on top of the mountain that faced Gotham City and jumped off the edge and glide across to Gotham City. Batwoman followed Batman as they jumped off the cliff face until suddenly Batman bombed down towards the ground. Batwoman followed Batman's actions and as they dived down into the rocky cliff face below Batwoman discovered that Batman was flying straight into a cave. They glided down into the small cavern with moss growing off the rocks. The pair lifted up and landed swiftly on concrete inside the labyrinth underneath Gotham called the Sewers.

The chilly sewers cooled Batman and Batwoman's bodies that felt like they would overheat from the heat. Batman and Batwoman followed the orange luminescent light through the chilly sewers with the clicks from the boots echoing in time with the drips from leaky pipes that flowed from the roof and the murky water that rushed down the hall of the sewers and flushed down in a waterfall motion.

The sewer path suddenly dropped into the murky water that overfilled the sewers from Gotham's pollution. Batman and Batwoman splashed through the murky water until they could hear water rushing down a long circular hallway. They immediately dismissed it as a dangerous path and continued venturing into the unknown sewers that hadn't been visited in possibly decades.

The cobwebs began to group up in the corners of the halls and bugs ran up the sewer walls. Batman and Batwoman continued splashing through the dingy sewers underneath Gotham City. The path eventually returned to concrete and Batman and Batwoman turned left. Large pipes lined the edges of the walls and crumbled brick dust sat on top of the pipes with large bricks clumped in piles of the floor. Batwoman walked down the hall until she reached a odd looking door. Batwoman opened the door and peered into the next room however Batman was still on the other side of the room analyzing the pipe.

Batman: 'The pipe is pumping-'
Batwoman: 'Lazarus?'
Batman: 'Yes. How did you?'
Ra's Al Ghul: 'We meet again, Detective'
Batman: 'Ra's Al Ghul?'
Ra's Al Ghul: 'You sound surprised. You didn't think I'd stay dead forever, did you?'
Batman: 'No, shouldn't you be locked up?'
Ra's Al Ghul: 'Locked up? No, no, no if anyone should be locked up it should be the people killing this earth. Who is this woman? Is she my successor?'
Batwoman: 'Never'
Tahlia Al Ghul: 'Beloved? I see your over me already'
Batman: 'Tahlia? Your alive?'
Ra's Al Ghul: 'Thanks to Lazarus she is. And now it seems you still haven't changed your mind. So if your not a part of the solution. Your a part of the problem. Welcome to the Lazarus World'
In Batman's mind he was transported into the insanity of the Lazarus world again.
Batman: 'How did you get Lazarus in my mind?'
Ra's Al Ghul: 'I mixed it. With Scarecrow's Toxin'

The world was covered in a endless desert with floating land and ivy growing from the land that reached down to the ground. The land surrounding Batman was covered in rubbled parts of Gotham. The Ace Chemicals Industrial Building was split in half and the vat of chemicals that Joker fell in was visible with the Ace Chemicals neon sign sticking out of the ground. Apartment buildings lined the desert with the blazing sun high in the sky. Some other buildings stood out from the rubble. A large clock face was sticking out of the ground in a angled fashion, the GCPD building was located to the west of Batman with the Bat-signal facing Batman. Then Ra's appeared in front of Batman with two swords. Ra's threw a sword at Batman allowing Batman to catch it with swift momentum.

Batman took of his cape and tightly gripped the handle of the sword. He could feel the grooves in the handle that comforted his hand which was still feeling quite warm. The handle gripped Batman's hand well and holes were carved to perfectly fit your fingers. Then Batman swung the sword, cutting the air with a swift sharp strike. The battle was on.

Whilst Batman and Ra's fought, Batwoman and Tahlia fought with their fists.
Tahlia Al Ghul: 'And you might be?'
Batwoman: 'Why would I tell you that?'
Tahlia Al Ghul: 'You really don't know who we are'
Batman and Ra's were still sword fighting. The swords clashed against each other creating a clinging noise very often. Strike after strike Batman and Ra's fought.
Ra's Al Ghul: 'Give up already'
Batman: 'I will never give up'
Batman then pictured Thomas Wayne holding the sword that was striking at him.
Thomas Wayne: 'You failed us son. Me and your mother'
Thomas Wayne then returned to Ra's Al Ghul and Batman struck Ra's and he fell to the ground. Batman threw away the sword and picked up Ra's and threw him across. The room.

Batman: 'Where is Scarecrow'
Ra's Al Ghul: 'I don't know detective. I just stole his equipment'
Batman threw Ra's across the room again
Batman: 'Tell me. NOW!'
Ra's Al Ghul: 'All I know is that he's in Gotham. Alive'
Batman tossed Ra's again.
Batwoman and Tahlia stopped fighting.
Batman: 'Come on Batwoman'
Batman and Batwoman begun walking off to the door when Tahlia interrupted
Tahlia Al Ghul: 'Wait. My father lied. Scarecrow and my father were making something'
Batwoman: 'The Fear Toxin/Lazarus chemical?'
Tahlia Al Ghul: 'That too'
Batman: 'What do you mean too?'
Tahlia Al Ghul: 'Time will tell you. You are not prepared. I must leave. The message has been delivered' Tahlia ran off through the door on the other side of the room. Batwoman chased after her.
Batman: 'Leave her. We have more important things to do'

Part 4:
Batman and Batwoman stood in the Lazarus Chamber with a unconscious Ra's.
Batwoman: 'What do you suppose Tahlia meant'
Batman: 'The Order Of St Dumas'
Batwoman: 'What? What do they have to do with this'
Batman: 'Tahlia said the message has been delivered. That's exactly what Azreal said to me in Arkham City'
Batwoman: 'You spoke to him? Well what about Killer Croc. He might know what's going on'
Batman: 'We need to search for The Prophecy'
Batwoman: 'Bruce, that's just a hunch your having. You don't know if she was talking about The Order Of St Dumas or just talking in general'

Batman nodded at Batwoman and they ventured further into the sewers in pursuit of Killer Croc for knowledge as to Scarecrow's whereabouts. Batman and Batwoman walked in silence most of the way. Batman didn't want to continue knowing The Order Of St Duma's where planning something. He didn't want to believe what Azreal said back at Arkham City. But it was making sense now.
Batwoman: 'You did well back their. You allowed me to choose our route. Thank you.
Batman: 'You still have a long way to come. This is your first field training. You can take charge'
Batwoman: 'Thank you'

Batman and Batwoman continued walking through the sewers with their boots clicking on the ground creating a tune with the drops falling down once again. A breeze flowed through the sewer lifting up a noxious smell from the murky water that flowed by.

As the two bats continued they noticed the concreted floor having cracks in it.
Batwoman: 'Were near Arkham City. The cracks in the floor and the crumbling walls are obvious signs of earth tremor'
They walked a little longer be caucious of the cracks in the ground until they came to an intersection.
Batwoman: 'Left. The path has less cracks. Their's less chance of the ground breaking under our weight'

Batwoman lead the charge to the left. More pipes started poking out of the walls and the dingy water puddled at numerous spots on the ground. The wall had drip runs running down it.

Batwoman: 'Someone's been here. Recently'
Batman and Batwoman picked up the pace and started running to try and keep up with the life that had roamed through the sewer recently. The illuminating lights started to fade ever so slightly and more and more cobwebs piled in the corners as well as crumbled bricks. A loud roar howled from down the sewer. Then a loud crash. Batman and Batwoman were sprinting now to catch the person or animal that was ahead of them. The light had still faded but was bright enough to see the what felt like abandoned sewers.

Batman and Batwoman saw a large hole ripped out of the wall. The size of Killer Croc. Batman and Batwoman were suprised to not see Killer Croc lunging at them with brute force but instead locked away with rusty orange chains. It wasn't the welcome Batman or Batwoman had expected. A small silhouette stood in the middle of the room filled with metal and shrapnel.
Scarecrow: 'Good job Batman and Miss Batman. Too bad your minds are just broken fragments. I would love to see how it operates. Unfortunately your brains are too tiny to experiment with'
The dust was still roaming the thick air and before Batman and Batwoman realized, Scarecrow's silhouette had turned into thick dust.

Suddenly out of the dust leaped Killer Croc who grabbed Batman by the arms and legs. Killer Croc seemed to be bigger and stronger than usual. His large legs were lined with thick strong muscles that held the enormous body then covered with faded orange pants. Killer Croc's scaly chest had a clean cut through the middle. His scaly arms lead to his collarless neck. Then his green head with sharpened teeth and his neon green eyes had a odd red tinge to them.

Batwoman had no time to look at the beastly creature and instead through a Batarang at Killer Croc's cut across his chest. Killer Croc yelled in pain and dropped Batman who jumped on his feet and rejoined Batwoman. Killer Croc pulled out the Batarang and threw it at Batman who jumped out of the way then quickly picked it back up and placed it in his cape for later use. Killer Croc swung his arm to strike Batman and Batwoman but ultimately missed and gave Batwoman a chance to jump on his arm and swing a daring punch into Killer Croc which swung him back and caused him to land on his back in a puddle of mucky water. Killer Croc made it to his feet as fast as possible and seemed taller than he was before and his scales seem to grow as well.

Killer Croc leapt towards Batwoman preparing to grab her and smash her. Killer Croc's plan worked and he grabbed Batwoman and threw her across the room with a hard impact into the wall. Batwoman laid on the ground in agony from the pain. But their was no time to feel pain. Batman then saw Killer Croc grow even taller.

Killer Croc: 'You, can't beat me, Bruce Wayne!'
Batman was ultimately rocked to his core. How did Killer Croc know? How did he find out? Batman stood in shock then felt a pain sting him up his chest and back. Batman blinked to see that Killer Croc had a firm grip on Batman and was squeezing the little breath out of Batman and choked him with pain at the same time.

Batman had hallucinated being exposed. The hallucination seemed so real that the rage had driven Batman to using his power to slam his clenched fist into Killer Croc's head that would knockout a human easily. The power of Batman's punch made Killer Croc drop Batman to the ground with Killer Croc's body doing the same. Killer Croc gave off a loud howl. But it wasn't a unbearable pain. It was a mind-bending horror shriek. Killer Croc was under control of the Fear Toxin. Or a mix.

Batman: 'What happened under Arkham Asylum'
Killer Croc: 'The snack. He poked me with something. Then I saw the most terrifying thing. But the snack then swam off. Then I saw him again in the other hell hole. And he poked me again. Next thing I remember was waking up elsewhere in a different sewer'

The Fear Toxin managed to take hold of Killer Croc's body again and he laid on the floor having nightmarish feelings crawl up inside him again. Batman and Batwoman left Killer Croc is his terrified state.
Batwoman: 'Where do you think Scarecrow went?'
Batman: 'I don't know' Batman pulled the Batarang from his cape. 'But we can find out what their making'

Part 5:
The intense night felt like it continued forever as well as the heat that cloaked Gotham City, bringing it to a blazing heat. Batman and Batwoman had returned to the Bat-cave.
Batwoman: 'What do you think their creating'
Batman: 'I don't know but we'll find out soon'

The Bat-computer ran tests for what felt like forever. The results continued coming back negative as the Bat-computer scanned hundreds of different substances that could potentially drive someone mad. Then half the screen lit up green 'MATCH CONFIRMED'. Batman glared at the Bat-computer. Half of the match was Fear Toxin. They just needed the match for the other substance.

Whilst waiting Batwoman trained her combat techniques with the air while she waited for the Bat-computer to finish scanning. 'MATCH CONFIRMED'. Batman jumped out of the chair in rapid speed sending the chair flying back and toppling over. Batman then ran off to the Batmobile. Batwoman looked up at the computer screen. The left side had the Fear Toxin and on the right side. Was TITAN. Batwoman pursued after Batman and narrowly made it into the Batmobile before it raced off into Gotham.

Batman took a strange turn up the mountain towards the end of the road. But didn't stop their. The Bat-mobile flew off the edge of the blocked road and plummeted down through the air and landed on a road that had rock faces growing up the sides. It looked like Batman's shortcut into Gotham City wondered Batwoman. The road then spiraled down
and finally came out in the harrowing edges of Gotham and made its way further inwards.

The Bat-mobile raced through the bustling streets of Gotham until it screeched loudly and finally came to a barreling halt. Batman and Batwoman arrived at Laff City, Joker's previous hideout before Arkham City.

Batman and Batwoman entered Laff City which was now condemned and rotting. A loud laugh echoed throughout the amusement park sending tingles down Batman's back. It was the sound he dreaded but with a different spin. A more sinister laugh then a happy laugh. This wasn't Joker's laugh. This was Scarecrow's demonic cry of happiness as he watched a mind shatter.

The lights that covered the large amusement park suddenly flashed on and shone brightly with the chirpy carnival music playing.
Batwoman: 'He's playing with your mind'
Batman: 'I know'
Out of the darkness a large cardboard Joker stood in front of Batman and Batwoman with a gun in his mouth that eventually shot into the Joker grin symbolizing his death.

The park had seemed to be transformed into a Joker park with Joker not present. The carnival games had seemed to all be turned into Joker's disgusting games, making Batman only having one thought in his mind, the thought he dreaded, Joker's death.

Batman's subconscious wandered off into Arkham City. The events that transpired underneath the Monarch Theatre in Wonder City. Batman's mind was fixated on that moment when he first saw Joker laying on the floor, lifeless. Himself kneeling over Joker's dead body wishing it was one of Joker's sick games and that he'd jump to his feet in moments. Batman then picked up the dead Joker body which turned to ash as he tried. The Joker seemed to melt away and laugh as he did. The laugh echoed through Wonder City until Bruce looked up. It wasn't echoing through through Wonder City. It was echoing through Crime Alley.

Bruce was kneeling over his parents in distraught and sadness. Then the buildings surrounding Crime Alley begun to explode. The glass shattered over the alley and covered his parents in rubble. A large arm gripped Bruce and lifted him into the sky. The hand turned him around to reveal a enormously sized Scarecrow with scars covering his body in a fashion like Victor Zsasz. The long scars that covered his body were slightly rotting and took a sickly brownish red colour like a dying willow tree. Bruce kneeled on Scarecrow's hand in terror until the questions of Batwoman slowly echoed through Bruce's subconscious which slowly returned Batman to the real world.

The soft rotted flesh of Scarecrow's hand turned into the burning lumpy tarmac paths that covered the amusement park. The lights were still flashing and a hollowing Joker laugh echoed throughout Laff City. Batman and Batwoman began walking through the brightly lit up amusement park gleaming around at the shining lights that lit the dark night.

They steeped through the hot night in the condemned park in search for the terror-seeking man. Near silent laughs echoed through the boiled air as sweat dripped off Batman's nose and dripped onto the tarmac. Suddenly loud gun shot echoed through the park. Batman and Batwoman nodded their heads at each other and ran in different directions, Batman going west and Batwoman steering off to the east.

Batman felt the pressure of this mission slowly starting to get to him. The realization that Scarecrow was alive was slowly creeping on him even though he witnessed those events with his own eyes. Was it just a trick to break Batman's mind once he discovered Scarecrow was still living? Batman aborted his thought patterns and continued running in the very early hours of the morning.

The flashing lights and carnival music paraded around Laff City. Their was no reasonable explanation as to why Scarecrow would hide out in Laff City other than to remind Batman of his recent failure. Batman slowed down to a walking pace. Thoughts of Joker tucked it self into Batman's mind. Knowing that Batman will never have to put up with him was a strange thought. A new part in his life.

His thought patterns were overloading his brain instead of staying on track with the current operation. A horrid aroma flushed the park and replaced the rustic, toxin smell and instead changed into a rotted, decayed smell. Something was in the park, the something that was piled high in front of Batman. It looked like a mound of discarded chemicals, possibly the mixture of Fear Toxin/TITAN. But this had a a different look to it. Behind the piles of debris was two large chemical vats that were hidden from sight. Batman scaled the rubble pile and gleamed down at the vat of chemicals. It had a rough, thick look to it, more like a hard liquid than a ordinary liquid. It had a sickly blackened brown colour to it. Batman turned around to discover none other than Scarecrow standing on the tarmac that was behind the pile of debris.

Batman: 'What are you doing?'
Scarecrow: 'Breaking your mind' Scarecrow raised his hand out and pointed at Batman. His fear gas then bursted out of his fingers in two wide lines that spiraled around each other until it finally cloaked around Batman's body in a fit of anger. Batman could only see the sickly blackened brown colour surrounding him. It was the same chemical inside the vat. Batman tried to scramble his way out of the gas but couldn't. All Scarecrow could see was Batman being cloaked in his gas with his clenched fist reaching out which was soon hidden by the gas. It finally spread throughout the air and Scarecrow could finally see Batman laying on the ground.

A strike then came and swiftly chopped through the air and brute-fully hit Scarecrow on the hip which caused him to fall to the ground. Batman raised his head from the ground and saw Batwoman standing behind Scarecrow. In the gas Batman had grabbed a gas mask out of his cape. Batman blinked to see Scarecrow had disappeared. Batwoman had only just realized after Batman that he had vanished. Batman showed Batwoman the lumpy chemical.

Batwoman: 'I've seen this'
Batman: 'Where?'
Batwoman: 'Down at Gotham Dock. After a awful aroma outbreak was found down at Gotham Dock I investigated. It was coming from this. I pitched it to the head office but they immediately dismissed me. They wanted me to find something that wasn't a fairytale'
Batman: 'Did you analyze it?'
Batwoman: 'No, I didn't have the correct equipment'
Batman: 'We have a lead. It could be Scarecrow's hideout. We should investigate'

Part 6:
Batman and Batwoman located the entry to Laff City which was a couple minutes away. Upon exiting Laff City, Batman and Batwoman witnessed a trashed Bat-mobile with scratches, dents and cracks. They had to do it the old fashioned way. They grappled to the nearby corporate building and looked off into Gotham.

Stars danced across the sky in a twinkly fashion but were soon hidden behind a ominous dark cloud that had shown up as quick as Batman saw it. As they jumped from rooftop to rooftop in rapid speed wind blew in their face, cooling them down from the blazing heat. Batwoman had finally joined Batman in his crusade for justice, which is what she always strived for but hadn't managed to live up to her dreams until now. It was her first objective but she felt like she had already been working here for years.

The corporate high rises seemed to stretch all the way along the bay. Batwoman saw a crane along the horizon of her eyes which soon turned into a entire dock. They glided down towards the dock but only managed to make it down to the edge where the shipping containers laid.

Guards welding assault rifles were patrolling the area. They were merely dressed in dark shirts and pants. Not everyone could put up with heat and it seemed these guards fell into that category as well with their red faces and and sweated faces. Batman and Batwoman slowly snuck through the thin spaces between the shipping containers. Whoever placed them here were lazy and placed them a small place apart.

The hidden scent that was sloppily traced in the amusement park rummaged its way into Batman and Batwoman's nostrils. Batman placed his gas mask on with Batwoman following with her personally made Bat mask as well. It blocked out the horrible aroma.

They shifted in between the shipping containers making as little noise as possible. They could hear the thugs outside quietly mingling between each other until they split apart to patrol and eventually returned together as one and chatted again.

The shipping containers came to an end and Batman and Batwoman had nowhere to hide. Out of the shipping containers was a large open corridor which had bright white lights shining down on it with a dark building on the other side. Batwoman stuck her head out to inspect for guards patrolling. Batwoman tilted her head left, then right. She pulled her head back with as fast as possible and Batman hoisted his hand up over her mouth to avoid her gasping in shock. 'Hey!' yelled a thug. They were comprised.

The thug's shoes clicked on the floor as he ran towards the shipping containers. The thug stopped himself and peered inside the narrow lining between the shipping containers. He put his head back and walked off.

Batman and Batwoman found another lining between the shipping containers which they were hiding in. They returned to the edge of the shipping containers. Batman poked his head out and looked around. He sprinted across the open corridor staying as silent as possible and hid in the darkness of the building behind barrels that were placed underneath a chain pathway.

Batwoman sprinted across and hid next to Batman. The horrid smell had disappeared and Batman and Batwoman took off their masks. A sharply dressed guard wearing a polished suit that was impeccably well crafted walked by. He wore a clean cut bowler hat with a thin strip of white ribbon tied across the top. His shoes were faultless and looked like they had been polished for hours. He revealed his face as he looked up at the building. It was no other than William Chander, the man that Batman saw that very night.

He didn't seem to shabby about being at the Gotham Dock at this time of night with such shady characters. Batman and Batwoman followed him whilst hiding in the darkness avoiding being seen. Batman and Batwoman could see William wasn't comfortable being where he was. William looked behind himself before he finally opened a door into a suspicious building that had graffiti covering the walls and cobwebs forming everywhere.

William entered the building with Batman and Batwoman crawling through a open window into the building. The window lead to a walkway above where Batman and Batwoman watched William Chander walk into the center of the room.

William Chander: 'Hello?'
But no voice returned. Suddenly a light flicked on in the middle of the room and shone brightly on William Chander and revealed a wooden table standing in front of him. The silence was soon broken by someones footsteps hitting the floor.

Scarecrow: 'Good job. Now hand me the money'
William Chander: 'Very well'
William placed a briefcase onto the table and Scarecrow walked out of the shadows to collect the briefcase
William Chander: 'Now you give me'
Scarecrow placed a small medicine container on the table. The container contained medicine that read 'BRAIN REVITALIZERS' on the container. William Chander had hacked his brain but it just gave him boundless pain.
William Chander picked up the container swallowed a tablet then turned around and walked as fast as possible to get out of the dreaded place. He shut the door which echoed through the building. Once the echo had stopped Scarecrow spoke again.
Scarecrow: 'Your smart Batman. But not smart enough to see your own shadow?'
Batwoman looked to see her shadow was lit up from the moon outside. Batman jumped over the hand railing to confront Scarecrow with Batwoman following.

Scarecrow: 'I think you need some for gas'
Scarecrow's Fear Gas shot out of his hands into two strips that spiraled around each other like last time but this time Batman inhaled the gas. Batwoman took a deep breath and jumped to save Batman from the gas. Batman however laid on the ground in terror experiencing his nightmare while Batwoman prepared to fight Scarecrow.

She lunged towards Scarecrow and managed to pin him to the ground and held his fear filled hand down whilst the other punched Scarecrow in the face. She felt true power as she thrashed Scarecrow but was soon thwarted when Scarecrow kicked Batwoman off himself. Scarecrow jumped to his feet and prepared to fire his fear gas at Batwoman but couldn't pinpoint her location as she was hiding in the darkness. Scarecrow backed up as he held his hand out searching for his target to fill with terror. His target however wasn't revealed and Scarecrow ran off. Batwoman jumped out of the shadows and aided Batman.

Batman: 'I'm fine'
Batman got on his feet and he and Batwoman ran off to the door Scarecrow exited from.
Batwoman: 'I won't fail again'
Batman: 'Your a rookie. You'll get better'

Part 7:
The mission looked like it was finally becoming solved but Batman and Batwoman couldn't get ahead of themselves. It was early morning, day break wasn't too far away and at that time Gotham City would discover what happened over the night.

Batman and Batwoman ran off in pursuit of the fleeing criminal. Batman opened the door which slammed into the wall creating a loud crash which echoed loudly throughout the concrete building. It was another open room just like the last one. Batman continued chasing after Scarecrow slamming the door every time he made it into the next room. The rooms were continually repeating in a everlasting chain. Batman slammed the last door as he sprinted into it.

However on the other side of the door was a room filled with mirrors. The mirrors reflected Batman's figure as Batman slowly pivoted his body around to analyze the room. He then noticed Batwoman wasn't standing behind him but instead it was darkness. Batman turned back around to see one of his reflections wielding a knife and stabbing Joker who was laying on the ground with a puddle of blood flowing out of the mirror and onto the floor. The mirrors continued showing a insane Batman ruining his reputation. Some were stabbing Joker and pouring blood onto the floor as well as smearing it down mirrors. Some were insane and were screaming. Some were wielding a gun and shooting thugs standing in other mirrors which shattered as they shot. Others holding a gun were shooting his parents. The noise of Joker howling, his parents yelling, the thugs screaming, the glass shattering and all the other Batman figures doing evil actions was loud enough to blow someone's ear drums. Batman watched the figures of himself performing these cruel deeds. It was something he feared, turning into what the mirrors were doing. Batman decided to throw a Batarang at the mirrors which shattered and stopped the figures actions.

The noise had silenced and the eerie quiet of Gotham City started. Batman stepped making a loud noise which echoed for numerous seconds as he did. He walked past the shattered glass and blood and into a graveyard with pouring rain and shocking lightning flashing through the sky.

Standing tall in front of Batman was the gave stones of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Underneath the names read 'The ones Bruce Wayne couldn't save'. The grave stones begun to crack and turned to rubble which slowly melted into the ground. Lightning flashed across the sky which then created a loud rumble of thunder. Another flash dashed across the sky which awoke a zombie from the ground who broke the ground and jumped up into the sky.

It was an enormous sized Scarecrow who laughed at Batman's mental state. He crouched down to see the little Batman who flew back and was laying on the ground. Scarecrow grabbed Batman and lifted him into the air.
Scarecrow: 'Hello again, little Bat'
Batman just grunted at Scarecrow and dismissed him.
Scarecrow: 'What's the matter little Bat. Are you scared?'
Batman lifted his head up and looked at Scarecrow and grinned.
Scarecrow: 'Whats the matter with you? Are you turning into The Joker?'
Batman lifted his hand to show him holding a Batarang.

He piffed the Batarang which cut through the air and flipped over through the air. Scarecrow just watched Batman's actions not realizing the Batarang's target. The Batarang impacted into Scarecrow's eye which plucked a hole into Scarecrow's eye which soon cracked open which a clock of Bats flew out of with a bright orange light shining out of his eye. Scarecrow yelled in pain and dropped to the ground. Scarecrow laid their on the graveyard which sooned turned to blackness then finally returned to the real world.

Scarecrow was no where to be seen. Batwoman was standing behind Batman. It was just his dream. Scarecrow revealed himself down the hallway and taunted Batman and Batwoman. They sprinted after Scarecrow who was running in the other direction. They ran through the long chain of rooms and out into the open docks.

Batman and Batwoman continued running through the Dock and up into Gotham. Shimmering flecks of sunlight danced across the sky and added small light over Gotham which was beginning to wake up to its daily regimen.

Few bystanders were already walking the streets and watching in amazement as Scarecrow, Batman and Batwoman sprinted through the streets. Batwoman lunged at Scarecrow and grabbed his shoulders and threw him to the ground. Scarecrow jumped to his feet and swiveled around pulling out his needle hand as he did which plunged its way into Batwoman's heart. Batwoman fell to the ground. Dead.

Batman pulled out his Bat-Claw and shot it at Scarecrow's legs which wrapped around his legs and disabled Scarecrow from running. Batman ran to Batwoman's aid to discover she had already gone. Batman payed a moment of silence while bystanders gasped. Batman picked up Batwoman and placed her on the bonnet of a citizen's car and did the same to Scarecrow. The sun was now just visible over Gotham.

Batman stood their for a moment and heard GCPD car alarms go off. The GCPD cars turned around the corner and screeched to a halt. Batman stood their for a moment and then ran. He sprinted through the Gotham streets as early morning citizens walked the side walks.

Batman stopped in front of the Gotham City News building. He ran inside and to the office of Summer Gleeson. He opened the door with high speed which slammed into the wall.
Summer Gleeson: 'Hey! That's my wall!'
Batman stared in amazement. She had survived
Batman: 'Batwoman?'
Summer Gleeson: 'Oh, Batman. I'm sorry you saved me last night and now I'm yelling at you'
Batman: 'Batwoman?' repeated Batman
Summer Gleeson: 'Batwoman? Who's Batwoman? Not to sound rude but, please, leave'
Batman exited Summer Gleeson's office and left the Gotham City News building.
Summer Gleeson stood out of her desk chair and walked to her cupboard behind her and opened it up to reveal her Batwoman outfit.
Summer Gleeson: 'It was all his terrible nightmare. I wish I could tell him' Summer sighed in sadness 'Until another night Bruce'