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    SuperZambezi submitted a new download: Coronavirus - A custom board for Mario Party 3. Read more about this download...
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    MP3 Coronavirus 1.0

    Even Mario and friends are plagued by the Coronavirus outbreak. By teaming up, the virus can surely be defeated though. As players race around the Coronavirus, they must work together to claim all the spikes on the virus. When all of the spikes are claimed, stars will be rewarded to the players...
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    Adjust Current Player Coins

    SuperZambezi submitted a new download: Adjust Current Player Coins - A custom event for Mario Party 3. Read more about this download...
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    MP3 Adjust Current Player Coins 1.0

    This is a simple event that gives or takes away coins from the current player. It shows feedback of the coin change over the course of a second (the number by the players stats, sounds, etc.) as normal coin changes do. It uses the new parameters feature of custom events, so you must specify the...
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    F-Zero White Land I

    SuperZambezi submitted a new resource: F-Zero White Land I - A custom board for Mario Party 3. Read more about this resource...
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    MP3 Sinistar 1.0

    Sinistar is an arcade game from the 80s. This is a pretty simple board I had made when first working on MP3 support, so no banks/shops/boos, but I like the artwork so I'll post it anyway.
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    SuperZambezi submitted a new resource: Sinistar - A custom board for Mario Party 3. Read more about this resource...
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    MP2 Pikmin 1.0

    The world of Mario Party and Pikmin collides! One notable thing about this board is that is uses animations, the little characters blink and other small changes. To view animation frames in the editor, click and hold over one of the animation backgrounds. I also do some "space stacking" to...
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    SuperZambezi submitted a new resource: Pikmin - A custom board for Mario Party 2. Read more about this resource...
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    MP3 F-Zero White Land I 1.0

    Mario Party meets F-Zero on the slippery White Land I raceway. Take tight turns, but don't lose your coins! Finding a mushroom at the end could net you a first place finish! This board contains some experiments with the new event editor. All happening spaces do something on this board! The...
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    [MP3] Star Summit (Tentative Title)

    The uploaded board causes a crash because of the links towards the start space from the "island star areas." There's no path that enters the star areas, and so some of the logic broke down. Edit: I've made the fix locally so the editor won't crash with this board layout. But I won't be able to...
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    [MP3] Star Summit

    Looks like a great board! When the background images are applied to the game, they must be lowered to 16 bit RGBA. PP64 does a very basic conversion from 32 bit down to 16 bit. You could possibly see better results if you use an image editor to lower the colors down to 16 bit yourself before...
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    Might be the best incorporation of Koopa the Quick (as I will now name him) I've seen yet! He's running right along the back stage area :) (The koopa is the one that rides the train in Western Land. I was able to delete the train model since it was easy to find, but the koopa is more generic...
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    [MP3] Reverse Spiral

    Since the invisible spaces don't decrement the movement remaining, players would be able to see exactly what amount is needed. Another thing I noticed is that the 8 star requirement made it so that 4 stars had to be on each spiral... so there is the possibility of running into the next star...
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    [MP3] Reverse Spiral

    This board is not necessarily the most polished or well-themed, but it includes a number of ideas I've wanted to try. The main thing I wanted to try out was forced reverse routes to get to the star. So the idea is, you need to collect...
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    [MP1] Shroom City

    It turns out that was a bug, thanks for mentioning it. I wasn't scaling the background image during screenshots like I do otherwise. You should see the fix within a day or so (or immediately, but I'm not sure how long script caching persists).
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    [MP1] Shroom City

    I like this one, very intense number of spaces! Has it been working well for you? It is interesting how the game never used more than 256 (8bit) indices for spaces, yet they reserved shorts (16bit) for the space indices everywhere, so something like this is possible. Have you tried the...
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    [MP1] Rainbow Road

    Bypassing any of the error checking is basically going to guarantee a crash. I added error checking for a reason ;). Particularly the counts of things being within bounds is very important.
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    PartyPlanner64 - Mario Party Board Editor

    Mario Party Board Editor I've been working on a board editor for the N64 Mario Party titles. Overall, the purpose of it is to let you create new boards to import into the games and play. There's sort of a landing page here...