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    Forum Closure Announcement

    I love you guys.
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    Literally who?
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    U.S. 2016 Election

    Triggered? Jeeeesus Christ.
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    Briefs, boxer briefs or boxers

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    U.S. 2016 Election

    Also I'll add this before you try to refute anything else, feminism and third wave feminism are two very very different things.
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    U.S. 2016 Election

    Wow, go fuck your self. I was just asking where you got your information you little prick.
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    U.S. 2016 Election

    Toblet where are you getting your information from? It sounds like you're just copy and pasting an atguement you've read on reddit before.
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    U.S. 2016 Election

    Toblet I'm literally Jewish. I can be racist for you to prove a point. Also literally anyone can be gay.
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    U.S. 2016 Election

    Cute! See you haven't changed a bit, Aegis.
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    It's-A Mario's Time

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    U.S. 2016 Election

    Saying that a Jew cannot be racist might be the funniest thing I've ever read. Thank you Toblet. Also Muslims can be gay lmao. What planet are you even from?
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    Is there port priority in Mario Party?

    could you have taken a more blurry photo
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    how can i make this title not cringeworthy help

    too late you already did
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    Why are Wavebirds quite expensive nowadays?

    theyre like $40-$50 used boyo.
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    Why are Wavebirds quite expensive nowadays?

    They don't make them any more and they're the only good wireless controllers for GameCube. As for the MP games, you're paying collector's prices now.
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    What phone do you have?

    has your experience with it been explosive?
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    Member Pix?

    good post
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    because neither game is balanced
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    PlayStation 4 Pro

    happy with my purchase you dingus