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  1. NintendoPhratBoy227

    Reggie: "My Body Is Ready" (Music)

    Ok i Found this found this funny Reggie song on "youtube" and it is so freakin beast to listen too' so if your a die hard Nintendo Fan like me and love reggie this is the song for you.
  2. NintendoPhratBoy227

    Games for Nintendo 64 that you own.

    Well for me i have only 5 games, Mario Parties 1-3, Super Smash Bros, and Mario Golf" so yeah i don't have alot :/ but i plan on getting more games such as  Mario Kart 64, Mario Tennis, and Paper Mario. i have the VC ones but not the physical ones. I kinda like to own physical games, of every...
  3. NintendoPhratBoy227

    What if Nintendo bought out Microsoft? (Microsofts Gaming Department only)

    So what do you think” if Nintendo eventually did in fact buy out Microsoft?....... well the gaming department only cause thats all Nintendo would need to buy from microsoft. But anyways i for one would love this! cause Microsoft are a bunch of morons who can't even innovate for them selves" so...
  4. NintendoPhratBoy227

    Green 3DS with Release of Luigi's Dark Moon” Possibillity Maybe?

    Ok this has been daunting me for awhile now' but i think it would be cool if they released a green 3DS or 3DS XL with the release of "Luigi's Mansion Darkmoon" how cool would it be to have a 3DS or 3DS XL with Luigi on it or anything from, or based on Luigi's Mansion Darkmoon, kinda like with...
  5. NintendoPhratBoy227

    Mario Mechs (MP5)

    Ok this was by far the best minigame in the history of minigames in my opinion” this was such a fun & awesome minigame to play” this minigame has you playing in a giant glowing mech in a virtual world, and firing at your enemies' this mini game also has 3 levels, "Parched Ruins, "Dark City, &...
  6. NintendoPhratBoy227

    Curvey Curbs (MP5)

    This was my favorite minigame in Mario Party 5" and still is to this day! I always enjoyed the song and how this minigame was so colorful and made me want candy everytime i played. xD Another thing i liked about this minigame was the challenge it provided, this minigame was so easy with the...
  7. NintendoPhratBoy227

    How's The Weather?

    It's getting a bit better we had 70º weather yesterday on the 24th and on friday it's supposed to get cold again” which is a real bummer cuz i was really enjoying this nice weather. =/
  8. NintendoPhratBoy227

    What would you like to have for DLC on Mario Party 10 & MP3DS?

    Well” for Mario Party 10 i'd like some extra boards to play on ect so here is the DLC i think would be cool for “MP10” -Retro Boards: This would make a nice edition to Mario Party 10, and long time Mario Party fans could relive there favorite classic Mario Party Boards via Classic Board Packs...
  9. NintendoPhratBoy227

    Shy Guy Showdown (MP5)

    Shy Guy showdown was one of my favorite minigames from Mario Party 5" and i liked how you had to be the first to press  button that shows like he also throws in wrong ones to confuse you” and if you press the wrong button, or your opponent presses the correct button before you” you lose...
  10. NintendoPhratBoy227

    Metroid Prime 4 (Wii U)

    ok” now this would be a good game to have on Wii U” also you would be able to use the Gamepad to do many things like customize/ Look and change your weapon inventory, and change armors if you unlocked new armors and you could use first person view through Samus Aran's Helmet with the gamepad and...
  11. NintendoPhratBoy227

    Which do you think is better: Google or Bing?

    well for me i can't tell the difference even though i saw a commercial where Bing beat Google in a search test” To me they both search the same equal amount of stuff, So which do you think is better?
  12. NintendoPhratBoy227

    Last Game You Got?

    Mario Tennis Open which is still in my opinion the best Mario Tennis yet.
  13. NintendoPhratBoy227

    How's The Weather?

    It's been getting cold where i am” and starting be cloudy more & more days, but i i've been hangin in there.
  14. NintendoPhratBoy227

    The Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Madowizstarr. :) have an awesome birthaday!
  15. NintendoPhratBoy227

    Bowser's Gnarly Party (MP4)

    Man” this was my second favorite favorite board along side from “Toad's Midway Madness” this in my opinion is the best bowser board in the Series” and it had cool events like challenging Bowser to a secrect Minigame such as Bowser Wresling & Panel Panic! this board still remains my favorite...
  16. NintendoPhratBoy227

    Boo's Haunted Bash (MP4)

    Man” i always loved this board” cuz of the graphics, Pink Boo, & the ghost coffins” man' this board had it all and i also liked the special events where if ur tiny 1 of the events where you have to hit the right order of keys on the pianano to get an item! so wat did you think' do you think...
  17. NintendoPhratBoy227

    Shy Guys Jungle Jam (MP4)

    Man” this board was awesome" i liked that you could ride a giant Klepto and get coins” another cool thing was landing on the happening space, and either making the Shy Guy Statue happy or angry' which makes the giant Shy Guy Statue cry, and flood the part of the board. To me” i think this was a...
  18. NintendoPhratBoy227

    Goomba's Booty Boardwalk (MP8)

    This board was fun” i liked how you had to go in a straight line to the star, and pay goomba 50 coins for the star, it was a pretty good idea, well to me anyway” this board was better in Party Mode then Star Battle Arena” Because in Party Mode it had more stuff added to it” like houses, secret...
  19. NintendoPhratBoy227

    Beach Volley Folley (MP4)

    Man” i always enjoyed this minigame in the extra minigames room in Mario Party 4” i like that you could be Shy Guy, Toad, Koopa Troopa, Boo, Koopa Kid and Bowser” to me this was the best minigame in the whole game, i always chose Bowser & Koopa Kid cause they were my favorite characters” So”...
  20. NintendoPhratBoy227

    When do you think the Cubs will win the world series?

    I for one am predicting 2020 cause 1” it's a long time from now, and the cubs might have some really good players then, also the cubs are 2 games away from there 100th loss” so i hope they start winning soon! So, when do you think they'll win” or do you think they'll ever win the world series”...